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I know that this time of year can fill so many of us with absolute dread, worrying about what to wear.  In the past, I’ve ruined so many nights out for myself with worrying and speaking horribly to myself in the mirror before going out.  I’m sure so many of you have done the same but honestly, speaking from experience, it doesn’t get you anywhere.

Now I’ve found my confidence and love for my body as it is today and I love getting ready for nights out because I put on what I feel happy in.  Rather than tell others what to wear, I’m all about inspiring women to feel empowered to make their own choices of what to wear, free from worrying about what others think about them.  It’s so powerful; once I started to do that I felt so much better in my outfits and more confident in my choices and in myself.

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My best advice is to look online for inspiration (this is a Christmas party look I wore on Sunday night and felt FABULOUS in!)  and to order LOADS to try on in several sizes.

I order on an account or credit card, which I know not everyone is able to and I do appreciate that but if you can, it is good because you’re not having to pull the money out upfront and then wait to get a refund.

Then I try everything on in the comfort of my own home with my own mirror, lights and plenty of space so that I feel comfortable.

I wear a little makeup, have my hair in a style similar to how I would wear it out and I wear the underwear that I would pair with the outfit that I’m trying on.  I keep the shoes I’d wear handy too!  This gives me a much better idea of what it would look like all together.

If I look in the mirror and smile then I keep it, anything that doesn’t fit I send back without a second thought! Clothes sizes vary so much it’s not your fault if something doesn’t fit so don’t beat yourself up.

Plus Size Christmas Party Outfit

This is the outfit that I wore to my own Christmas Party night out.  Its largely from River Island, with my boots that are still going strong from last year, my black top with lace puff sleeves thats available here and here and the gorgeous metallic pleated skirt here.

Whatever you wear to your Christmas party this year, I hope you feel glam, confident and comfortable.  Enjoy it!

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