Primark Accessories Haul

It was my birthday yesterday and I got a little bit of money as part of my presents off some of my family.  I had a little spare time today so popped into the Metro Centre before going to uni and headed straight to Primark, or Primarni as i like to call it.

I never used to like Primark because when it first opened it was a bit like a jumble sale with clothes just all over the place but now i think they’re loads more organised and i can quite happily go into the store to browse at all the lovely things.  Everything has been bought with the autumn/winter season in mind.

Heres what i bought:

Primark Accessories Haul Cosy Socks
Knee High Cosy Socks- £1 a pair

The first thing i bought was two pairs of knee high cosy socks which were like a one size fits all, well if you’re a 4-7, so they fit the majority of womens feet.  These socks are perfect for the cold, winter nights which seem to have come very early this year- im wearing the pink pair already!  They’re so cosy and warm.  I love the colour and design of these socks too.

The pair on the right in the picture above are baby pink and white stripe with a little white bow on the top.  They’re a stretchy material with an elasticated bit around the top.  The pair on the left are the same baby pink colour but they have like little sparkly bits in and a little pink bow at the tope instead of white.  Ive tried to capture the sparkly bits in the photo below:

Primark Accessories Haul Cosy Socks
Pink and sparkly socks

The only problem I had with these socks is that they are supposed to be knee high but they dont reach quite up to my knee, perhaps its because im a size 7 but surely if they fit a 4-7 then they should reach the knee no matter what the shoe size?  I love these socks despite this and cant really complain as they were only £1 a pair and ill be wearing them rolled down or half way up anyway.  Heres how the socks look when they’re unrolled:

Primark Accessories Haul Cosy Socks
Gorgeous cosy socks

These will look gorgeous with my PJ’s this winter. I usually wear shorts n a vest top, even in winter so they’ll look cute and add an extra bit of warmth.

The next thing i bought was these gorgeous chunky knit mittens in grey:

Grey mittens- £2 a pair

I love colour of these mittens, grey will literally go with most of my winter wardrobe and at only £2 a pair i couldn’t resist!

Popcorn knit

On the receipt, these mittens were referred to as ‘popcorn mitt’ which, when looking at them, is a good description.  They’re a fab design and look much more expensive than they were.  They’re also really warm and cosy and come a bit further up my arm, passed my wrist which i like as i hate it when i stretch my arm out and theres a gap between my glove or mitten and my coat!

So warm and cosy, i love these mittens

I much prefer mittens to gloves as i like to be able to move my fingers about inside.

Next i bought a snood for £4.

Snood- £4

Its a cross between a scarf and a hood and can be worn three ways, 1. wrapped twice round the neck, 2. around the neck unwrapped so its just like one big loop, and 3. wrapped twice round the neck, with one of the loops pulled up over the head like a hood.

Snoods have been around for years, i remember wearing a cream one back in school (how very fashion forward!) but they really became popular last winter.  This one is a light grey with silver thread weaved through it with little silver sequins on.

I’ll be able to use it throughout the day or even to keep me warm on an evening with skinny jeans, a little top and a blazer for the cinema or something.

The next thing I bought were these tan coloured wannabe sheepskin mittens for £3:

Tan mittens- £3

Last winter i saw some gorgeous UGG mittens in my local Daniel Footwear shop.  Whilst they looked gorgeous in the box, when i tried them on they were so itchy and i just knew they would irritate the life out of me.  The also came quite far up my arm which i found restricting.  All in all, they were definitely not worth the £90 (something like that) price tag they were given.  When i saw these mock suede and mock sheepskin mittens in Primark i was a little put off at first thinking that they’d look cheap but honestly when i tried them on they totally changed my mind.  They’re so soft and exactly what i was looking for.  Being a BIG fan of the Ugg brand, I couldn’t believe i loved these so much at such a very small fraction of the price.

They can be worn two ways:

Look 1: Unfolded

Even when unfolded, these mittens keep your hands warm without restricting the movement of your wrist.  They come a little past the wrist too so again, no skin is left out in the cold.

Look 2: Folded Over

With the tops of the mittens folded over they look really cute and bang on trend, i prefer this look the best!

I also bought this gorgous dusty dull pink knit hat for £3:

Pink knit hat- £3

This gorgeous pink colour has shiny pink thread running through it with little sequins on, a bit like the snood.  In fact you can actually buy a snood that is the same colour, material etc as a snood and theres a grey hat the same as this one like the grey snood i bought.  I just thought these would suit me best out of what i got. I didn’t buy them both in the same colour as i wont be wearing them together anyway so didn’t need them to match.

Now for shoes, i got these gorgeous pumps for £12:

Black and studded pumps- £12

They have a gorgeous double knotted bow on the front with little gold studs on and they have a rounded point.  They’re a bit more pricey than a lot of Primark pumps but thats because they have real leather uppers and they’re much cheaper than other high street shops and such good quality too.  I wore these on a night to the cinema recently with some black skinny jeans.

Moving onto jewellery, i bought these gorgeous vintage earrings:

Vintage earrings- £1.50

I couldn’t believe these were only £1.50, they’re an absolute steal, especially with all the detail thats on them. My friend has a round version from Top Shop and they were quite a bit more expensive.  They are oval shaped and creamy pearl in colour with gold around the outside.

Another vintage inspired buy was this flower ring:

Vintage ring- £2

 It was only £2 and its absolutely HUGE! It has a gold metal pattern around the outside and a faded flower picture in the middle.  Ill wear this on either my index finger or my ring finger, although its a little big… perhaps I should have just bought the medium!

Looks gorgeous on <3

Another ring i bought is this sparkly bee ring:

Bee ring- £2
How cute does this ring look?

 This ring is silver coloured with white, black, brown and yellow stones. Its really pretty but something that i wouldn’t usually buy as i usually go for flowery rings but i thought id give something different a go.  I think im going to enjoy wearing this ring, its very bling!

I bought my first two finger ring from Primark on this shopping trip too.  Ive read so much about them on blogs that i thought id give this ‘Love’ one a go:

Love two finger ring- £1.50

Im not too sure if i like my fingers being restricted by a two finger ring but at £1.50 ill definitely give it a go.  I really like the script writing of the word ‘love’ and it looks lovely in gold, especially since I’m quite tanned at the moment. This is the ring on:

Wearing the love ring

The last piece of jewellery that i bought was this gorgeous pearl love necklace for only £2:

Love necklace- £2
Love necklace

Ive been really into pearls for a while now so this is the perfect necklace for me!

What do you think of my Primark buys?


  1. Amy-Leigh
    September 28, 2010 / 4:19 pm

    ooh i love the love necklace 🙂 xxx

  2. *Daisy Loves..
    September 28, 2010 / 4:28 pm

    OMG I didnt see those socks?! I have normal length in grey, but my faves are knee highs! I also bought that snood too 🙂 x

  3. Laura
    September 28, 2010 / 11:10 pm

    Its lush isnt it Amy, looks fab day or night. Im so pleased with it. xxxHi Daisy- i think they just keep putting different stock out ALL the time! Bet the grey ones are lovely 🙂 xxx

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