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Davines have created the SU range, designed to respond to the needs of your hair before, during and after exposure to the sun.  They are recommend for hair that is exposed to the sun, salt and chlorine so they are perfect for use on holiday where you’ll be sun bathing and swimming in the pool and the sea.  There are three signature products in the range; Su/Creme the Protecting Moisturising Cream designed to protect your hair, Su/Shampoo the Renewing Protective After Sun Shampoo designed to cleanse your hair and Su/Pak the Nourishing Replenishing Mask designed to treat your hair, all of which I’ve been trying out while on holiday in Turkey which seemed like the perfect place to see what they can really do.

These sample sachets lasted me three days so I chose to use them on the days on holiday when my hair would be put through its paces the most; the day before, day of and day after a boat trip in the sun to celebrate my birthday.  I really enjoyed using all of the products

Davines Su/Creme Protective Moisturising Sun Creme

This is a protective moisturising cream for the hair that is designed to be applied to dry hair before sun exposure to stop it from drying out and to prevent it from being damaged by chlorine, salt and the sun.  This product contains one of my favourite hair care ingredients, Argan Oil which is very anti ageing and when applied, you can really tell that it is in there as the moisturising cream itself is so softening and makes your hair silky smooth.  This product also contains antioxidant agents, and essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 as well as UVA and UVB filters which protect hair from damage caused by the sun.  It really did keep my hair feeling soft and sleek while sun bathing and especially after swimming in the sea where my hair usually goes really dry and crispy from all the salt.

Davines say that this product is best for fine and dry hair which mine certainly is, well dry on the ends and very fine, however I can see this working equally well on thick and oily hair too because it’s so moisturising and you would wash it out before going out on an evening anyway so it doesn’t matter if you’ve used it on oily hair.

To apply, using the full size you would usualy spritz through the hair but since my samply was in a sachet, I squeezed a small amount out, rubbed it over my hands and then applied it evenly over my hair when it was dry.  I then used a wide tooth comb to comb it through my hair to ensure it was evenly distributed and then I applied some more to the ends of my hair.  I found that concentrating the product on the ends of my hair really helped to stop my ends from going frizzy and splitting in the sun through drying out.  I then went about my day in the sun as normal and on the day of the boat trip where I was in the sun literally all day, I reapplied the product because I had been swimming, etc and wanted to make sure my hair was fully protected.  At the end of the day, I washed out the cream using the Davines Renewing Protective After Sun Shampoo.  The full size of the Protective Moisturising Sun Creme retails for £17.40 for a 125ml spray bottle.

Davines Renewing Protective After Sun Shampoo

This shampoo was absolutely brilliant at removing the build up of salt and chlorine in my hair when I was on holiday.  I used it as I would a normal shampoo, making sure I had massaged it in well into my scalp and then thoroughly rinsing my hair and I couldn’t believe how clean my hair felt afterwards, very thoroughly cleansed.  I think the shampoo works hand in hand with the Protective Sun Creme as it makes the hair really clean and therefore the sun creme is able to really protect the actual hair fully because it doesn’t have all of the build up that comes with sun stressed and sea/pool exposed hair to contend with.  The after sun shampoo contains almond proteins that have protective properties as well as ceramides, fatty acids and avocado oil that have restructuring properties.  The full size of this product retails for £13.20 for a 250ml bottle.

Davines Nourishing Replenishing Mask

Oh this mask is lovely after a day in the sun.  The sachet states to leave it on for 1 to 5 minutes before rinsing but would I actually leave mine on for 2 hours while I had my late afternoon nap and after rinsing it out my hair was always so soft, easy to manage and very healthy looking, not a frazzled frizzy strand in sight!  The almond butter and argan oil in the mask really deeply nourishes the hair rather than masking the hair in silicones.  The full size of this product retails for £18.05 for a 150ml tube

I’m so impressed with these Davines products, I’d definitely repurchase the full sized offerings for future holidays.  If you’re off for some winter sun then I’d definitely recommend them.  You can check out my other Davines review here where I look at a gorgeous leave in conditioning mist and a shampoo for fine and stressed hair.

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