Purminerals Beautiful Creatures Palette

I’ve raved about Purminerals products on my blog in the past and I have been lucky enough to receive one of their limited edition palettes that were created exclusively for the film Beautiful Creatures in America.  It is an absolutely stunning palette that is exclusive to the USA, so this will be a post that will appeal to my American readers the most.  The palette itself contains a selection of some of the best selling colours from the Purminerals range and the product and shade selection is absolutely fantastic for a palette- I really hope that they bring this to the UK.

Inside the box you get an eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner and a lipgloss, all of which are very generously sized and come in very wearable shades.

The eyeshadow palette itself is in a cardboard box, similar to other palettes like the Naked palette.  Inside, there’s a large mirror that allows you to clearly see where you’re applying the make up and a fluffy eyeshadow brush that is actually very very good.  Usually the applicators that come in palettes are pretty useless but this one is really good, particularly when used for packing shadow onto the lid and blending through the crease.

The eyeshadows themselves come in round pans, a bit like MAC eyeshadows and like I mentioned earlier, there is an awesome choice of shades.  Being inspired by Beautiful Creatures, Purminerals have created a bewitching eye collection that is both charming and dangerous in equal parts.  There is a mix of light and dark shades that combine together to create a capsule collection that can be used on their own to create some gorgeous eye make up looks, making this palette perfect for travelling.

The lightest shades are Secret which is a very sweet light pink and Spellbound which is a neutral cream colour, both of which make great highlight shades and are the only matte shades in the palette.  The rest of the shades pretty shimmery.

Wearing Secret on the brow bone, Fantasy on the lid and Cursed in the crease

There are two purple shades in the palette, Cursed which is a deep dark plum shade that looks almost black and is great to use in the crease to deepen an eye look and Fantasy which is a beautiful violet with a pink sparkle to it.

For those looking for a nude shade with a little sparkle then Supernatural really fits the bill.  Its a light champagne gold that looks incredibly beautiful, especially when worn with Siren which is a gorgeous moss green shade with a hint of gold running through it.

Wearing Supernatural on the brow bone with Siren on the lid

There are two brown shades, Fate which is a gorgeous shimmery mushroom shade which reminds me a of a stronger, more pigmented version of MAC’s Woodwinked and Forbidden which is a beautiful taupe.

Wearing Spell bound on the brow bone and inner lower lash line, Forbidden on the lid and Fate blended through the crease 

This is my first experience of Purminerals eyeshadows and I’m so impressed.  They’re honestly loads better than MAC eyeshadows- they’re incredibly pigmented and have a buildable formula, finely milled, apply smoothly and last for hours without creasing.  I would definitely buy more shadows from this brand in the future.

To complete the eye make up looks, the palette comes with a sultry eye liner pencil in Black Magic which is a deep charcoal black.  This pencil takes a little while to warm up and get the true colour pay off.  It lasts a good few hours in the waterline before needing to be reapplied.

With so much focus on the eyes, this palette keeps it simple with a gorgeous sheer pink lipgloss in Lust.  This applies so smoothly and evenly and leaves the lips with a hint of colour and very glossy.  I wouldn’t say that it is uncomfortably sticky, more just a little bit tacky and it lasts on the lips too.  It is the perfect size for popping in my handbag and I love applying this throughout the day.  I find that it lasts for hours on my lips, providing I’m not going for lunch or anything!

This palette is available in the USA from the Purminerals website for $29 which is a great price as it is worth $100!  For those living in the UK, Purminerals products are available from Marks and Spencer.  I’d really recommend their 4 in 1 pressed mineral make up compact that I reviewed here.

What are your favourite Purminerals products?

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