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Quick beauty reviews on whatlauralovesuk.com blog

You might have noticed the words ‘QUICK REVIEW’ popping up alongside some of my posts recently.  There was this one about the hammered heart dish that I’ve had in the background of some of my posts and this one which was a review of The Comforter from Lush.

Well, basically ‘quick review’ means just that.  These are quick reviews of products, items and experiences that I’ve had and want to share with you.  They may be photo heavy or a mixture of photos and text but either way they’ll always be easy to consume and digest in a few minutes or less.

A lot of my reviews are very in depth and very thorough but that also means that they can be very long.  I’m a talker, you all know that by now but also the reason why I write long, in depth posts is because if I were to be reading a review of a product with the view to buying it, I would want to know everything about the item possible which is what I try to provide in my posts.  However when I read posts purely for enjoyment, I like to read shorter, snappier posts which is why I wanted to bring the Quick Review section to my website.

The posts will still have my thoughts in about each product, item or experience but they’ll be a lot more condensed, highlighting more of the key points.  I’ll be including lots of sample sizes of items that I’ve tried out and used up but haven’t perhaps had enough uses out of to be able to conclude how effective they are.

I hope you like the new format for some of my posts.  I’ll still have the long posts on my blog as it wouldn’t be my blog without them but hopefully these shorter posts will be great for some readers and good for me too as writing such long posts when you’re blogging daily can be extremely time consuming!

I’m trying to compartmentalise my day and get ahead with my work and I’m hoping these posts will help!

What do you think of the new format for some posts?

I was hoping to come up with something more imaginative than ‘quick review’ so as not to detract from the title of the post but I couldn’t think of anything…  I guess quick review says it all really!

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  1. Ursula Ball
    August 24, 2015 / 9:28 pm

    It doesn't matter for me personally but that does sound like a great idea for some who love reading blogs but don't want it to remind of grade school reading home work! I appreciate you detail reviews which gives me insight whether to check out something or not!Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. Betty Pamper
    August 26, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    I love both style of reviews but as a blogger I can see the appeal of mixing it up x

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