Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sisters

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I’m a firm believer in learning about other cultures, traditions and religions.  Being more knowledgeable on how others celebrate, think, feel and believe can only make you a more wise and understanding person which ultimately creates a happier, more tolerant, kinder world to live in.  I love travelling and learning about how others live their lives and I’m so fortunate to have friends from all over the world, from many different walks of life and different faiths.  Today I want to share with you what I’ve learned recently about an event celebrated between siblings of the Hindu faith called Raksha Bandhan (this site is a great source for more information) and share some ideas of gifts that could be bought for a sister during this time.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated events among the Hindu siblings.  It is a religious occasion which represents a bond to share love and affection between brothers and sisters.  The celebration style of Raksha Bandhan is unique due to some traditional rituals.  Everyone finds time to meet their siblings and express their heartfelt emotions with each other.  Sisters play an essential role in the memorable day of Rakhi festival.  It is celebrated by tying a sacred thread of Rakhi on the wrist of brothers.  Sisters also pray for the happiness and prosperity of their loving brothers on this special occasion.  They even send rakhi online to India for their distant brothers to commemorate the remarkable day of siblinghood.  In return, brothers share their endearment by taking a pledge to protect their sisters from all the odds of life. They also dedicate some adorable return gifts to delight their sisters. Most of the brothers try to impress their sisters with some valuable rakhi gifts on Raksha Bandhan.  They go with specific things according to their interests or passions.

Here are some gift ideas that could be perfect to give a sister to celebrate this tradition.


Many girls show their interest in their favourite jewellery items.  On this Raksha Bandhan, a bracelet could make a great gift for a sister as a token of remembrance.  Choose a colour and design to match her statement style and wrap it beautifully.  There are so many styles of bracelets available to buy online, in stores and even on markets, if you want something a little more hard to come-by.  Whatever is chosen, I’m sure it’ll make a lovely Rakhi gift.


Everyone seems to love personalised, custom made gifts.  I got Al a Toblerone with his name on at an even recently and he absolutely loved it even more than receiving the chocolate itself!  There are so many ways to personalise gifts now and designing a photo T-shirt is a great option.  Take a memorable photograph of your sister with you and perhaps some other family and have that printed onto a t-shirt, perhaps with a thoughtful quote or caption that suits her personality.  You could even get matching or coordinating ones for you both!  Whether you look for a t-shirt, a mug or any other personalised raki gifts for sisters, I’m sure she’ll appreciate such a thoughtful gesture.


Perhaps for an elder sister or one who is in school or employment, a planner or journal would be a really thoughtful gift for her to be able to keep a record of her daily activities, assignments and special occasions.  Personalised ones are widely available and you can organise them according to her hobbies or interests.  It can be a great motivation for her in her daily life too.  I personally use my iPhone calendar because I just can’t keep up with a paper one but if they’re someone who can then a paper calendar is definitely the way to go!  So if you have a sister who loves to keep track of her daily life then look for a planner as a Rakhi gift!


For a younger sister, I don’t think you can go far wrong with a cute teddy, doll or play figure.  Perhaps included in a gift hamper with some chocolates or sweeties that she’d love.

If you celebrate Raksha Bandhan, I’d love to know how you make this time of the year memorable for your sister.  Don’t forget, this year its coming up on 15th August!

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