Realistic Resolutions for a Gentle Start into 2024

Aaaaand the new year is here. Happy 2024, everyone! And of course, as we usher into it, most of us will find ourselves contemplating resolutions again – aimed at enhancing our well-being, which is brilliant! But while the enthusiasm to embrace positive changes is commendable, setting them as realistic and achievable goals is the key to their long-term success. 

The Power of Realistic Resolutions

It’s common to dream big and aspire to monumental changes. After all, a new year is a fantastic tabula rasa; a clean, fresh slate. But filling them with abstract goals and desired results that are simply too large will set us up for failure. That is why embracing realistic resolutions is such a powerful way to set ourselves up for success instead. Having an aim for drastic transformation is a great motivator but consider breaking down overarching goals into smaller and way more manageable steps.

Take a moment to reflect on your priorities and values. What aspects of your life contribute to your overall well-being? Is it physical health, mental peace, or nurturing relationships? Understanding your core values first will guide you in setting up meaningful resolutions for yourself. Next, start small. Set bite-sized goals that align with your larger aspirations. For instance, if your goal is to improve your fitness, start with a commitment to take a short walk each day, before gradually incorporating more intense workouts. Do you want to remove coffee from your life? Try replacing them over time with mindful alternatives like matcha tea, golden milk, or chicory coffee. Yearning for more time to learn something new? Make time by filling in time slots in your everyday calendar – and block those times for everything else.

Maintain Your Momentum

Setting your resolution is just the beginning – though an important one. However, sustaining them requires a thoughtful and patient approach. Understand, that change takes time – and that setbacks are a natural part of the process.

Cultivate Patience and Compassion for Yourself

Be kind to yourself every step of the way and acknowledge the progress you’ve made, no matter how small. It’s important to celebrate the journey, not just your destination!

Set Yourself Realistic Timelines

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the book you want to write. Successful resolutions turn into lasting habits, so it’s important to set realistic timelines for achieving your goals. Allow yourself the necessary time to adapt to changes. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! It’ll take anything from around 18 to 245 days for your new behaviour to become automatic. 

Seek Support – and Accountability

For some of us, it can help to share our resolutions with friends, family, or even a supportive community. Having a network of accountability fosters encouragement and motivation – whether that is through shared experiences or a simple word of encouragement. Being supported by others can make a significant difference.

Be Consistent, not Perfect

So, what we’ve learned is, that consistency is the cornerstone of success. Instead of aiming for perfection, concentrate on building sustainable habits. Whether it’s adopting a healthier diet, practising mindfulness, or maintaining a better work-life balance; gradual progress yields the lasting results that you’re looking for. And remember, that perfect is the enemy of good. If you find yourself not being able to follow what you’ve set yourself up with – that’s okay. Stay flexible and adapt to the ebb and flow of life. Small steps is all you need.

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