Remi Cachet Hair Fragrance

Remi Cachet Hair Fragrance Review

Review of the Remi Cachet Hair Fragrance (press sample for review consideration)

Gorgeous smelling hair isn’t something that many often think about but if you use a product and your hair smells lush it can take you by surprise & lets face it, you sharp notice when your hair doesn’t smell good… you know the morning after the night out before, winter nights at those tipi bars with open fires, the days when you really should have washed your hair but just don’t have time… we’ve all been there.

Well I’ve been testing out the new Remi Cachet Hair Fragrance and it’s gorgeous!

Remi Cachet Hair Fragrance Additional Lengths

It has the fresh and fruity scent of strawberry and cucumber which lingers in my hair without being overpowering.

I admit, it’s a total princess pamper product and not a necessity but one that I’m really enjoying using.  Since hair is porous, it holds scent really well and releases it throughout the day. I love how my hair smells gorgeous when I swish it around.

Remi Cachet Hair Perfume

Remi Cachet Brush

It’s gorgeous for giving the hair a refresh of scent between washes, reviving it after a night out and using it on freshly washed hair to give it a boost of beautiful scent.  I especially like to use it when I’m going on a night out.  It feels like the finishing touch & it’s lovely when Al cuddles me and notices how lush my hair smells!

The spray is a fine mist, it’s so light and doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it dry or oily!

Remi Cachet WhatLauraLoves

I’d recommend spritzing it through the hair from a distance, lifting up the layers as you go but avoid the root area.  It doesn’t dry the hair out or make it feel crispy; it’s made by the same company who do my beautiful hair extensions so I know that it won’t damage my hair.

The Remi Cachet Hair Fragrance is available to shop online from the Additional Lengths website and you can order through the fabulous Remi Cachet Hair Extension Specialists too; my recommendation will always be HJ Extensions in Newcastle, as she’s fabulous.

Hayley fits my hair extensions now as part of a press service but I’ve been going to her for my hair extensions long before that began, since I was in my teens!  I’d really recommend Remi Cachet hair extensions from her as I’ve been wearing different brands for years and have stuck with RC for over a year now.  The quality is incredible and they look perfect from the first wear to the last.

How does the hair fragrance sound to you?  Let me know in the comments!

*Images were taken at the fabulous Ramside Hall Hotel in Durham.

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  1. January 7, 2020 / 6:12 pm

    That sounds perfect. You’re right it’s not something that immediately springs to mind. But I can see the appeal
    Menna x

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