Remote Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

After the pandemic, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of a work-life balance and are starting to intensively search for job options that allow them to live life to the fullest. Who doesn’t want to make money while they travel the world and experience different cultures?

Today, with the remote job market on the rise, this is not only a possibility but a legitimate option. With a laptop and a stable internet connection, you can earn money and even build a career from literally anywhere in the world. You can join an international coding team or start to stream on the best cam site and make fast money. You can work as a graphic designer or a copywriter. The options at this point are limitless. 

You can choose to remotely join a company full time or to have a part-time job with flexible hours. If you don’t want to be tied to just one client, you can be a freelancer and dictate your own working schedule. In today’s new digital era everything is possible and achievable, you just have to know your options.

Here are some awesome remote jobs that you can do while you travel the world.

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If you happen to be bilingual or even multilingual, you definitely need to try a translating job. This job is not only easy for people who speak more than one language, but it is also incredibly fun. You get to translate articles and texts on different subjects, everything from lifestyle and fashion to health and travel. 

A translating job will give you the freedom you need to travel since it is not an on-the-spot job. Meaning when you receive the content that you need to translate you also receive a deadline, so it is up to you whether you start translating the moment you receive it or after you take a swim in the ocean.


A job perfect for passionate people with a lot of patience. If you happen to be one of them and you feel like you have a certain amount of knowledge on any subject that you can pass on – try out being an online tutor. People pay good money to gain any type of knowledge so if you happen to be good at it, you can earn quite a lot of money.

You can teach English to non-English speaking international students of all ages. If you know how to play any musical instrument you can teach people to do the same. The subject of your teaching is entirely up to you, your strong suits, and your talents. You can choose to do one-on-one sessions or group sessions, you can have an hourly rate or a monthly rate and you will be in charge of your own schedule.


If you are naturally good at forming sentences and have a way with words, a writing job is what you need. Writers are always in demand in the digital world, due to the constant need for fresh content. If you haven’t tried to be a writer before, it is recommended that you take on different writing jobs just so you get a feel of what attacks you more. You can write articles and blogs or catchy descriptions for social media and ads. 

The good thing about being a writer on the go is that it gives you complete freedom. If you opt to work as a freelance writer you will be in charge of your fees, your working hours, and how much work you take on.

Another thing that you can do and profit off of it is starting your own travel blog. Write about the places you visit, what restaurants are a must-visit and what tourist attractions aren’t worthwhile. You can write it as if it was your own personal travel diary while giving out travel advice to your readers.

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Graphic Designer

Even if you have no previous experience with this, but you have a good eye for design – being a graphic designer is something that you can easily learn. Start by reading some graphic design books or listening to podcasts about graphic design before you go to bed.

Graphic designers can work from anywhere in the world and for clients all over the world. You can do graphic design for social media, for websites, and even for packaging. It is a very creative job that you can do whenever you can. Working as a freelance graphic designer will give you the freedom that you need on your travels and you get a hefty payment for it.


If you quit your job and decide to go around the world for a version of the “Eat, Pray, Love” experience, you can use your expertise to make some money along the way. Whether you are a restaurant manager or an accountant, your knowledge in your field is very valuable. Step by step you can turn this side hustle into a legitimate consulting business.

People in the same industry as your previous job are in need of advice and are ready to pay good money to hear it. You can take on different clients and you get the satisfaction of basically doing the same job as before only knowing you are doing so from a beach in Hawaii or a European cafe.

Keep in Mind!

JWherever you decide to travel these days, you can easily keep a job and have a steady income while exploring the world. However, keep in mind that internet connection is different in different countries. Make sure to do good research before moving to another city or country as you depend on a stable connection to work. In some remote areas, internet outages are common and you might want to consider a backup option or avoid places that are popular among digital nomads to have a bad internet connection.

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