Renting A Party House For Your Next Event

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When you’re organising a special event for your family, friends or even work colleagues, such as a hen party, stag do, birthday celebration or team building event and corporate day, choosing a venue can be tough as there’s so many different peoples opinions to take into consideration; coordinating it all can be a bit of a logistical nightmare by the time you factor in transport and places to stay!  That’s before you’ve even planned all of your activities for the weekend, organised food and thought about how you’re going to keep everyone entertained.  Thankfully, I’m quite well known in my friendship group for throwing memorable parties so I think I can help you all out with this one!

One option that I think saves the day when planning a big trip for several people is looking at big houses to rent.  The big selling point is that you have so much more control over your function and everyone can come to you.  For example, if you’re hosting a hen party and hire a party house, you can have all of the hens and the bride stay in the house and hire in entertainment, activities and caterers to come to you, or if you’d rather do the cooking yourselves then you could get a food shop delivered to the door!  Whether its a crafting activity, garden games, cocktail making or a pamper day, you can either buy all of the things you’ll need and have them at the perfect party house venue or hire those with their own businesses to come to the house with all of their own gear.  Plus it saves having to organise lots of transport for the time you’re away as once everyone gets there then they can pop away the car keys and focus on enjoying themselves.

I’ve had a look online and there are so many different big houses to hire from country escapes with a pool or hot tub to a city centre apartment with so many beds under one roof.  I think they’re a really great idea and a lovely way to spend time with those who mean the most to you.  They’d even be great for a corporate team building event.

This year, we have a couple of 60th birthdays as a family (my dads and my boyfriends mam) to organise and of course, there’ll be the ever fabulous Curve Fashion Festival later in the year so I’m certainly considering one, budget permitting!  I know a few girls last year who rented one of the many amazing party houses for the weekend which provided the backdrop to so many killer Instagram photos and drinks parties.  I launched my #WhatLauraLovesXCurvissa clothing edit at the festival last year and it was such an amazing day but had I been staying longer then a party house would have been the most amazing way to go for sure!

For this year though, I definitely think that hiring a house is an option for a birthday celebration as it would suit our family down to the ground.  I can just imagine doing it in the summer and having a BBQ party in the garden in the sunshine with our favourite cocktails, ice cold beers and garden games.  Bring it on!


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