Renunail 3 Step to Longer Nails and Hand Cream Review

For the last four months, I have been making a conscious effort to improve the condition of my nails using the Renunail 3 Step kit.  This was initially because of the run up to the festive season but then I had gel nails on over Christmas and I wanted to continue using Renunail afterwards to see what difference they would make to the condition of my nails following the gel overlay.

Dr Lewinns Renunail 3 Step*

I always have a gel manicure around key events in the year, like my birthday in September and in December, just before Santa comes so I know how my nails are after I’ve had them on and they aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination as I remove them correctly and apply a polish for the week after to add a little strength to them but they’re definitely a little weaker than when I haven’t had them on for a long time, purely because the air isn’t getting to them while the gel is on.  I usually have the gel on for a couple of weeks, have it removed and reapplied for a couple of weeks and then I give my nails a break.  In between I usually soak my gel off and then just file and paint my nails each week however this doesn’t do much too improve the strength of my nails and whilst they do grow, they peel a lot too.  Since I’m constantly tapping away on my phone and computer, I hate having super long nails but I do like them to be strong.

For the month of November and into December leading up to when I had my gels on for Christmas and for January following the removal of my gel polish, I have gone nail polish free and swapped my nail varnish for the Renunail 3 Step system by Dr Lewinns that claims to give you longer and stronger nails in only 4 weeks.  It sounds as though it would be too good to be true but let me tell you, this works.  It really works.

Inside the 3 Step to Longer Nails box there are three products, all in nail polish style bottles that are simple to hold and use.  There is the Dr Lewinns Renunail Regular Strengthener (30ml) which is a nail treatment designed to eliminate peeling, flaking and chipping, whilst promoting stronger, longer and healthier looking nails.  It does this by hardening and protecting the natural nails and along with the calcium it contains, it also helps to repair damage to the nails.  This is particularly good for when you’ve had acrylic nail extensions on as they do much more damage to your natural nails than gels or simply wearing polish.  Then there are two smaller 14ml bottles.  One contains the Nourishing Oil which is a blend of nourishing oils, antioxidant vitamins and soothing herbal extracts to soften cuticles and strengthen the nails so that they grow strong and healthy and the other is the Sensitive Nails Strengthener in Nude which is formulated with diamond dust and pearl powder to infuse the nail with fortifying proteins and to nourish and protect them from becoming brittle.

So for the time that I have been completing the Renunail 3 Step system, my routine went a little something like this:

I applied two coats of the Regular Strengthener on the first day, then applied a further coat everyday for the five days that followed, layering each one on top of the other.  For the first few applications, I actually found that the Regular Strengthener seemed to make my nails a little sensitive and they felt sore but this quickly went away and I haven’t had the same feeling since.

On the seventh day, I removed all of the layers using a little nail varnish remover on a cotton pad and then repeated the layering of the Regular Strengthener again for weeks two, three and four.  At the end of the four weeks, I then had to cease using the Regular Strengthener for a rest period of up to two weeks.  During the rest period, I applied the Sensitive Nails Strengthener which has a slight milky nude tint to it, giving the nails a ‘your nails but better’ look about them.  It can be used alone or as a base coat after completing the Renunail 3 step system to maintain the strength of the nails.  For the rest period, I have been applying it to fresh, clean nails for four days straight before removing it all on the fifth day.  Each day throughout the whole of the time that I have been using the Renunail system, I have been applying the Nourishing Oil to my nails and massaging it into my cuticles.  Once I got to the end of the routine, I then felt comfortable to wear nail polish for a few days at a time and then revert back to the system to ensure my nails remained strong and healthy.

Whilst it sounds like a lot of steps and a little complicated it really isn’t and I kept the bottles beside my bed so that I could quickly swipe it on each morning.  I found each step easy to complete, straight forward and very quick, which is something I always look for when trying out nail products.

The Dr Lewinns Renunail 3 Step to Longer Nails system is quite honestly a wonder product.  It does EXACTLY what it says on the bottle which is rare these days with all of the buzz words companies put on their packaging.

After the first four weeks, I saw a dramatic improvement in my nails.  They had had grown a lot and I had to cut and file them much more regularly than normal.  My nails are quick to grow anyway but much more so after using Renunail.

With regards to the strength of my nails, this is the area that I have notices the most improvements in.  I haven’t experienced any peeling since using this, like literally none. I am SO happy about this because the peeling effect of my nails is literally the bane of my life!

Another thing that I noticed as well was that when I did have the gel applied to my nails after using Renunail, the gel actually lasted longer on my nails before lifting and I got 3 weeks out of them rather than two.  Of course the regrowth was terrible and I was in desperate need of infills but for longevity of the gel, it was brilliant.

After having the gel removed, my nails were in much better condition than they usually are after wearing gel polish in that they were much stronger and I would absolutely say that it is because I had used the Renunail before having the gel applied and the Nourishing Oil throughout having the gel on.

Dr Lewinns Renunail Hand and Nail Cream*

Another product that I have been using from Dr Lewinns alongside the 3 Step system is the Renunail Hand and Nail Cream.  This is a very thick hand cream that takes some squeezing to get out of the tube.  It is specially formulated to help dry, dehydrated hands, ensuring that it provides really intense nourishment.  It includes lots of soothing, calming and moisturising ingredients which I really benefit from as I have both dermatitis and psoriasis…. it’s all fun over here!

A little goes a long way with this hand cream.  I apply about a 5p sized amount to my hands and massage it in up to my wrists and into my cuticles.  It sinks in really quickly which I didn’t think it was going to do and it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue on my hands which is great as I can get on with whatever I need to do without feeling uncomfortable.

This hand cream has really helped to soften the skin on my hands and keep them moisturised and hydrated.

The above photo shows what my hands look like when I’ve painted my nails after using the Dr Lewinns 3 step system for four months and using the hand cream.  My skin feels soft and my nails are long and strong; to say I’m suitably impressed would be an understatement!  Oh and if you’re wondering what nail polish I’m wearing, its Lip Service by Morgan Taylor which is available here.

The Dr Lewinns Renunail 3 Step kit is available on Look Fantastic for £27 and the Renunail Hand and Nail Cream is also on Look Fantastic for £12.  At the moment there is a special deal on where you can get a free Dr Lewinns Facial Polishing Gel worth £26 when you purchase 2 products which I think is a fab deal.  Go forth and get gorgeous nails while you can girls!

Have you tried Renunail?  How did it transform your nails?

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  1. Louise H
    March 2, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    I love Renunail its the only thing that has made a long term difference to my nails in over 7 years xx

    • WhatLauraLoves
      March 4, 2014 / 8:29 pm

      Oh wow I bet that was great for you to find something that worked so well after such a long time. Yey for Renunail! xxx

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