Retro & Vintage Home Decor Inspiration

If you are a fan of home decor and interiors, then this post is for you. Retro style can be a great choice when it comes to interiors; it really does feel timeless, despite the ‘retro’ name. Think about rustic charm, glam from the 40s and 50s, as well as general nostalgia; they can all be great themes for decor. If you take yourself back to a certain era in your mind, then it can give you some ideas for your next decor ideas. In some cases, less is more. But ever a subtle hint to a retro vibe can spruce up your home and make it look classy and elegant. Here are some ways that you can check out, that can help you to add a bit of retro or vintage to your home.

Bottles retro and vintage home decor inspiration



The distressed look on furniture is a great way to incorporate an antique feel to things. It can be something that you spot in a store, or even something that you can do yourself by upcycling. Upcycling furniture is popular these days, and with thanks to chalk paints (what a saviour). And as a result, can be surprisingly easy to do yourself. The texture that you create for rustic or retro looking furniture can be quite important. The marks, scratches, and cracks can tell a story, adding to the vintage feel of the piece. Which is why it is best to use and update an older piece of furniture, or get your hands on something that is actually vintage, but that you can put your stamp on. Car boot sales can be a good place to start.

You could also look to replace some existing things that you have in your home to them update and upcycle yourself as well. From wooden windows to a wooden dresser or table, you could find the ones to suit you and then paint and upcycle or distress as needed. Look for some inspiration online and then you will have an idea of what to do, especially if you are new to upcycling.


The lighting in the home can play a big part in the look of the place. It is all about what light it lets in, and if there is bright and airy feel or a dark and dim feel. So use the light in your home wisely. Of course, things like mirrors can help to create the illusion of more light (as well as space). But there are other things that can help too. Industrial style lighting, for example, can add a bit of an edge to any room of your home. Metallic finishes can be a good look for most rooms, and copper is a very popular and on-trend choice if you prefer shades that are warmer. These can look quite vintage but still have a modern edge.

Retro and Vintage Home Decor Inspiration



Think back to several decades ago when it was all about floral aprons and pretty swing dresses with a tea set to match. These pastel shades are still a popular choice. Colours that are light and pastel-themed can help to lighten up the space, but also add a vintage feel. It doesn’t have to all be girly pastel pink and yellow, though; it can be about pastel grey and blue too, if you want to have a more androgynous look in the home. But if you want a girly looking home, then think Cath Kidston and all things kitsch.

The colours in the home could be on the walls, or used for adding pops of colour with accessories. Whatever you choose, making sure that they coordinate and have an element of matchy-matchy can be another nod to an era long gone by.


Retro or vintage design can be about incorporating unusual or quirky things, especially if they are things that you’ve had for ages, or just couldn’t resist at the car boot sale. It could be wallpaper that is taking centre stage as a feature wall, or accessories and trinkets that could add a vintage vibe. Wallpaper is an easy win, though, as it can be easily changed or painted over if you need to.

As you can see, it can be pretty easy to add some vintage into your home. From a feature wall to upcycling a chair, you can have each room in the home looking just as you want them too. Hopefully, these interior tips have been able to give you some inspiration. Have you got any interior plans over spring?

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