Save Your Back With These Easy-Clean Bathroom Designs

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Due in part to the muck they’re exposed to and generally high levels of use, our bathrooms tend to be one of the least appealing rooms on the cleaning agenda, made worse by design choices that, in the majority of cases, weren’t exactly implemented with easy cleaning in mind. After all, you wanted the room to look good, not serve the sole function of making your life easier. 

Unfortunately, as you’ve likely learnt by now, it’s not going to look great for long if you can’t clean it well, especially in a damp environment where mould can start spreading faster than butter on toast when left unchecked. Luckily, having learnt this error of your ways, you’re far better prepared to account for your cleaning routine during your next bathroom refit. 

But, what exactly do easy-clean bathrooms entail, and how can you apply that to your redesign? 

# 1 – Make sure you can wipe it down

Unsplash Image: CC0 Licence

Grouting is perhaps the worst culprit for a difficult bathroom clean, especially in your shower cubicle where the need to wipe off that pink buildup between each of your tiles could take hours. Tiny tile mosaics or small squares can especially cause problems and quickly look tired/worse for wear. Of course, wall tiles are always going to provide easier cleaning and better protection than bare paint, but larger tile designs that require less grouting in general are guaranteed to make your life easier still. For your flooring, opting instead for a complete sheet of waterproof vinyl allows you to wash down with a mop without once having to worry about getting into those tiling creases, suggest remodeling experts at

# 2 – If you can mount it to the wall, you should

Many of us are guilty of leaving hidden corners unchecked on the cleaning rota, especially in bathrooms where everything from our cabinets to our toilets can make it difficult to clean behind and under everything around. Wall-mounted toilets, vanities, and sinks offer an easy and attractive way around this problem, not only providing a stylish design choice, but also allowing you to more easily run your brush, scrubber, or whatever other cleaning implement across every angle. This, in turn, ensures a more thorough clean that takes far less time than if you were to get down on your hands and needs and try to scrub around difficult-to-reach places otherwise. 

# 3 – Tuck it away

It’s also worth tucking away whatever you can to create both a luxurious and sleek bathroom, and to more easily get away with a quick clean that still looks great. Everything from under-mounted sink basins to hidden toilet chains, right through to storage that saves you from having to arrange your shower gel bottles can certainly make a difference. That way, even if you do just a basic clean, you’re far more likely to achieve sparkling finishes that impress. 

Bathroom cleaning is back-breaking work – it’s past time that you saved yourself the hassle!

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