Scrabble Ring by VIPXO

Calling all Girls and Scrabble lovers EVERYWHERE!

Scrabble Rings have been worn by many celebrities, probably most famously by Pixie Lott as everyone seemed to go crazy for them after she was seen wearing one!  However, I was a little slow on the up take.  I like Scrabble rings, i think they are cute and quirky but at the time, I wasn’t too sure if they were very ‘me’.  I have been looking at them on various websites for a while now and earlier this week I decided to take the plunge and order one from Victoria on her blog VIPXO, and a couple of days later it arrived in the post, despite the havoc that is usually caused to the postal service over Christmas and New Year.  Talk about speedy delivery!

Victoria started selling scrabble jewellery after she was inspired by her own love of Scrabble.  She mentions on her blog that she plays it with her boyfriend for hours which I think is really cute.  I have a travel Scrabble set that I take on holiday with us to play on the balcony or to play at home.  Come to think of it, we really should buy the full sized game as having all of the family crowded round a travel sized game isn’t ideal but it just goes to show you that Scrabble is definitely a game that is loved by all.  The Scrabble tiles themselves are so recognisable in their own right and they definitely make a statement.  If you check out Victoria’s blog where she writes some amazing fashion related posts and sells the jewellery, you’ll see the whole website has a Scrabble tile theme.  Such a great idea and a really effective theme.

Victoria is currently selling Scrabble rings and also bracelets that have a cute T bar design.  She also has Scrabble necklaces in the pipeline! VIPXO is not a business, its just Victoria making and selling scrabble jewellery through her blog.  You simply check out the Scrabble Jewellery section of her blog and then email her at with what you require letter wise and she will then send you an invoice through Paypal so that you can pay her, but don’t worry, its mega safe and secure for both you and her, and then she makes your piece and sends it out to you in the post.  The package that she sends your jewellery in will fit through your letterbox too so there’s no worrying in case you miss the postman.  I have experienced a really quick delivery service from her, especially considering she makes the jewellery herself to order.  I placed my order on 28th December and it arrived on 30th December.  Fantastic!

When my ring arrived I was so excited (and a little surprised as I didn’t expect it to arrive as quickly).  It was packaged in a jiffy bag so the bubble wrap inside the bag protected the ring from any damage in the post and inside was a little note from Victoria on VIPXO headed paper and signed XO, just like her blog which I thought was really sweet.  The note read ‘Laura Thanks for your purchase! I hope you love it? Lots of love’.  I certainly do love it!  I wasn’t expecting the ring to be packaged so well for such a low price and was really happy to see that it came in a gorgeous silver ring box.  I obviously chose an L and it looks so effective as a ring (despite the letter L only being worth 1 point, but hey, I’m wearing it, not playing with it!).  As soon as I saw it, all my reservations and worries about wearing scrabble jewellery went away.  It looks so quirky and its a piece that everyone loves.  I’ve already had some compliments on it when I wore it with a vintage inspired outfit on New Years Eve and with a relaxed, laid back outfit to the cinema last night.  The girl who served us in Cineworld was like ‘cute ring, where did you get it?’ So of course, I passed on Victoria’s website address for her to order one.

These rings are a one size fits all style because they can be adjusted to make them bigger or smaller. This makes them perfect presents for your friends as you can order safe in the knowledge that it will definitely fit and you can avoid the embarrassment of having a gift returned to you because the size was too big or small.  My ring size is an O and I had no problem getting the ring to fit me.

Check out for up to date prices for the Scrabble jewellery or email Victoria if you are looking for a bracelet with a lot of tiles and she will give you the price for it.  They are such good value for money, particularly the rings and for that reason, they would make great presents, birthday gifts and stocking fillers for friends and young family members.

What do you think of Scrabble jewellery?
Please let me know if you buy one after reading this (purely out of interest!)

Please have a pop over to Victoria’s blog, even if you’re not looking to buy a Scrabble ring, as her blog posts are AWESOME.


  1. charmed-chick
    January 3, 2011 / 12:55 pm

    i wouldnt mind one of these they look pretty cute and unique 🙂

  2. Laura
    January 5, 2011 / 5:49 am

    @charmed-chick – I think so too!Laura xoxo

  3. Anonymous
    January 6, 2011 / 7:44 am

    I have a scrabble ring too chick, mine is from Judes Jules ( and I know what you mean about the popularity of them! I was out in Edinburgh for a few hours and no less than four people, strangers I mean, stopped me in the street to ask where I got my ring. I got lots of compliments and I got all my friends one for their Christmas and they love them. I've also seen on Zoe's blog ( can buy them in a bracelet form. How sweet!My family love Scrabble too. Although I'm still a teen, I love nothing better than the whole family (both my parents have five brothers and sisters, and all of them have at least two children, and most of them have cbildren – quite a large family!)crowding round the table and having a game. Loved your post chick! Lorin xo

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