Seasonal Style: How to Mix and Match Piercings with Fashion Trends

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Ever since humans learned to cloth themselves, the beautiful connection between fashion and piercings has co-existed. 

While the choice of modern piercings are more concerned with individualism and self expression, it’s important to note that they have been strongly influenced by and evolved simultaneously with global history, cultures and fashion. 

So, if you’re planning to find a new seasonal style to match your piercings with the latest fashion trends, here are a few unique ideas for you to try this summer.

Embrace Asymmetry

Summer is a time to let loose and enjoy the uniqueness of your piercings with a blend of some unconventional fashion choices. The best part about embracing asymmetry is that you can match your piercings with any and all types of fashion trends. 

The hottest fashion trends in the fashion industry are set on stacked cartilage and lobe piercings, with both sides being a tad asymmetrical and use different types of jewelleries to indicate playfulness. 

Whether you’re wearing casual denim shorts and a tank top combo, or you’re hitting the pool for a fun day with friends, asymmetrical ear piercings with a combination of hoops, stud earrings, and ear climbers will make a fashion statement that no one can refute.

Play With Some Edgy Looks

As summer approaches, it’s time to get creative with both facial and body piercings. As you try to create an edgy look for yourself, try to incorporate piercings and jewelleries that go along with it. 

Some examples of trendy piercings include conches, plugs and gauges for ear piercings, septum piercing, or even a surface piercing above the clavicle. You can meld these piercings with an outfit of your choice. 

This summer, maxi dresses, slip skirts, and floral midis are all the rage, which coincidentally pair well with edgy piercings like the one mentioned above.

Show Off Those Abs

Summer is the perfect time to show off all the efforts that you put into achieving your summer body, and what better way to do that than complement it with a perfect navel piercing. 

Since 2000’s navel piercings have been on a back burner, but in 2024 they’re making a comeback. The impact is so huge that not only the millennials but the gen z is also embracing the fashion statement with full vigour. 

If you’re trying to rock those abs by wearing crop tops, or are going to lounge near a pool this summer then getting a belly button piercing might help you look cool in this hot weather. 

While a standard navel piercing is common, an inverted navel piercing, or even a surface piercing will give you more options to play around with jewellery. Just remember to give enough time to your piercings for healing before you jump in the water.

Keep It Chic With A Minimalist Look

Fashion trends may come and go but minimalism is a trend that’s here to stay. So, if your idea of a perfect summer is floral dresses and cute sandals, then amp up your look with some classic piercings. 

Combined with a cute nose and ear stud piercing, or a helix piercing can help you look trendy and effortless. The minimalist fashion of these piercings offer endless possibilities for you to experiment with your fashion choices, as these pair well with almost every look.

If you want to look chic, then try changing the jewellery based on your style for the day. For instance, if you’re attending a summer yacht party, you can go for pearl earrings, but for a girls day out, choosing floral jewellery with matching outfit will help your ensemble look more put together.

A Note Of Caution

While piercings can be a great way to spruce up your style and add a sense of personalization to fashion trends during the summer months, they also demand extreme care and should be handled responsibly.

Here are some points worth noting:

  • Piercings during summer are prone to infections because of more sweating, so keep your piercing area clean.
  • A new piercing can take at least 6 weeks to heal. To keep infections at bay, avoid jumping into the pool until you’re completely healed.
  • If you plan to start any activities such as running or working out after your piercing has healed externally, always consult your piercer before to avoid any complications.

Final Verdict

It is almost impossible to ignore the humongous role of fashion trends and its influence on the new styles of piercings that we see in the media today. 

While the trends come and go, they carve out a creative path for us to explore our individuality with the help of our piercings and a tinge of fashion, no matter what season it is. 

If you want to make some heads turn this season with your avant garde sense of fashionable piercings, these tips will help you become the fashionista of your social circle!

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