Setting Up Your New Phone For Success

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During these times of lockdown, most of us are becoming more familiar with our tech devices than ever. Many of us have scoured our Netflix or other streaming subscriptions for content we would love to see already, while working from home is keeping us at our terminals more frequently than ever.

However, now is also a great time to update our devices and to set them up as appropriate. After all, smartphones are less fun additional tools for us to browse social media with, but life planners and digital assistants all rolled into one. For most people, it is a portal into organizing their life in the best possible manner. Smartphones become part of our daily lives, an important tool that keep us entertain, connected and updated. According to Internet Advisor statistics there are 7.19 billion smartphone users around the world.

So, let us help you organize it. Once you’ve made use of Samsung discount codes and have adequately logged in with all of your accounts, it’s important to know just what new functionalities may hold some utility for you, the mature, working person in need of a break from time to time. With that in mind, please consider the following advice for your best success:

2-Factor Authentication

It’s important to ensure that you use a popular app such as Authy or Google Authenticator to add 2-factor authentication to all of your accounts. This is the newest way to protect your information in the best sense. It means that even if a hacker were to find your password and log in information, they would need an authenticating code from your local app in order to progress, which they cannot find no matter how good they are. However, be sure to use a dedicated and trustworthy app and not SMS verification, as the latter option can be intercepted. This led to @Jack, Twitter’s CEO, to become hacked midway through last year, tanking Twitter’s stock temporarily.

Cloud Access

Most of us back up our data in the cloud without the kind of hesitation that we had in the early 2010s, but our use of said service can still benefit from some personal tweaking. While iCloud is integrated into all Apple products, settings allow you to decide on which folders to upload, how they are grouped, and what access permissions you grant. Additionally, Google Photos or Samsung’s own proprietary options may confuse those on Android, and tweaking the settings to ensure that everything is uniform and together can be very important, and a great starting point.

Get Your Finances Right

As evidenced with the best new mobile banking apps continually updated by banking institutions, PayPal easy cash links, Venmo and Cashapp allowing us immediate transfer of funds, as well as App-only banks such as Monzo leading the charge for innovation, ensuring that your phone is an excellent hub of your financial access and planning can be essential. At the very least, ensuring that Google, Samsung, Apple Pay services, or others, can afford you the means to leave your card in your bag when making purchases. To that end, you’re likely to enjoy further convenience while shopping.

With this advice, we hope you can further set up your new phone for success.

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