Shimmer Polishes from Collection and some Hand Care Helpers

With the very hit and miss weather we’ve been having recently, I’ve found that I haven’t fully broken into my spring nail polishes yet and I am still relying on my more jewel tones for nights out.

The polishes I naturally gravitate towards for nights out are shimmer polishes as I feel as though they’re jewellery for my finger tips.

Today I’m going to show you five of my favourite shimmer polishes from the brand Collection which is available at Boots and Superdrug.  I have chosen to show you my favourites from this brand because they’re very accessible to a lot of people in the UK, they’re great quality and they are very well priced at around £3 each for the Gothic Glam polishes and £2 for the Hot Looks polishes.

The first polish I have been wearing a lot of is from the Gothic Glam line and it is in the colour Dramatic which is a deep red with almost a plum twist and a golden shimmer to it.  This is a beautiful shade that looks great in the autumn months right through to a colder spring like we’re having right now.

Perhaps my most favourite shade is Phantom from the Gothic Glam line.  What a beauty this colour is as it is like a deep plum purple mixed with a brighter, Cadbury’s purple.  It looks absolutely stunning on the nails and really reminds me of a slightly darker, more grown up version of a polish by Rimmel called Purple Reign that I reviewed here many years ago.  At the start of this year, I had a purple dress that I just couldn’t get enough of so I felt as though this nail polish was never off my fingers and toes so it might be time to retire it until next autumn again!

Another of my favourite shimmer polishes from Collection is again, from their Gothic Glam line.  This one is called Deadly and it is a very complex and beautiful shade of black and green with a gold shimmer heavily running through it.  It looks lovely, especially when worn with an all black outfit as it appears to be very dark but then has a shimmery twist to it.

One thing that really strikes me about the polishes from the Gothic Glam collection is that they are quite thin in consistency so they need two to three coats in order to be opaque.  However they apply very evenly and once you have built the colour up and waited a little longer than average for them to dry, you’re left with gorgeous shimmery nails that last a good 5 days before chipping.  I really like these polishes, especially for the colder months and for nights out.  They also have a really fabulous wide brush that makes painting nails a doddle.

For a more hot summer appropriate shimmer polish, I turn to the Collection Hot Looks polish in Scorched which is the most amazing bright burnt orange shade with a lighter orange, almost copper shimmer running through it.  The 60 Seconds Hot Looks polishes come in smaller bottles than the Gothic Glam line of polishes, making them great for topping up your nail look when travelling and they apply very well- quickly, evenly and look opaque after two coats.  They dry in no time at all, much quicker than the Gothic Glam polishes and they are very easy to remove too, especially considering they are a shimmer polish.  

The last polish I have to share with you is in the colour Shimmey Shake.  This is also from the Hot Looks 60 Seconds line so it dries super quickly and looks opaque after a couple of coats.  This one is a warm, golden toned yellow polish which is super shimmery.  The brush that you apply this polish with is great as well because it is quite wide so I find that I only need to do one or two stripes down my nails and they’re completely covered which is saying something as I have quite wide nail beds.

Collection nail polishes in Dramatic, Phantom, Deadly, Scorched and Shimmey Shake*

I’ve tried a few Collection polishes over the years but these are my favourite shimmers at the moment.  I would be really interested to hear what your favourite shimmer polishes are in the comments as I’m always looking to expand the variety in my collection.

laidbare In Safe Hands hand cream*

There’s a couple of hand skincare products that I’ve introduced to my routine as well recently; one hand cream and one cuticle product.

The product I’ve been using on my hands is by a brand called ‘laidbare’ and it is the In Safe Hands sunflower hand cream for hard working hands.  It contains sunflower oil and organic shea butter and is suitable for all skin types.  The brand gets its name from the fact that the products are literally laid bare and only contain the right ingredients, which means no petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, tea, dea, glycols and animal testing.

This hand cream is very nourishing and best for when my skin is at its driest, which mine is at the moment.  It is pretty quick to sink into the skin and it doesn’t leave a film on the skin but it does give a slight sheen to the skin on the palms of my hand, as though they are greasy which is a little strange but this quickly goes away.

For £10 for a 50ml tube from Look Fantastic, it isn’t going to break the bank and it is the perfect size for my hand bag.  I really enjoy using this hand cream because it softens my skin and really makes it feel nourished, more so on the backs of my hands than my palms and it smells nice too, very natural and slightly herbal.

Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel*

The second addition to my hand skincare stash that I’ve been using recently is the Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel which is a thick gel like cream that you rub into the cuticles and the skin around them to soften the skin.  I started using this after trying it out on Mr WLL and seeing the fantastic results.  He has really split cuticles because they’re so dry and he picks them (naughty!) but after a five days of applying this gel, there was a significant improvement in the condition of his cuticles as the skin was very quickly healing and they looked so much better.

The skin around my fingers is in much better condition than Mr WLL’s to begin with so the results weren’t as dramatic as they were on his cuticles however there was a definite improvement in the skin around my fingers too as they looked much more healthy and supple.

The Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel is £13.49 for a 28g pot from Look Fantastic.

What nail products are you using on your hands at the moment?  Any tips for getting Mr WLL to stop picking his fingers?!

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