Simple Beauty Tips To Try This Month


Now that lockdown is coming to an end and most of us will be back out into the world in the next few months – it is time to consider our beauty routine once more. 

After almost a year of pretty much living in loungewear and pyjamas it’s no wonder we are all itching to get back to normality and to be able to dress to impress once more. 

Today we want to talk about some of the simple beauty tips you can take on board to get yourself looking and feeling your best when we get back out into the world for summer. Here are some simple tips and tricks you can try this week to help make yourself look and feel amazing. 

The inversion method for hair growth 

The first thing you can try this year is the inversion method for hair growth. Now, it is no secret that most of us haven’t had a haircut for months and a lot of us are itching to get a trim. But before you do, consider growing some healthy and thick hair with this simple method. The inversion method involves making an oil mixture to hydrate the hair – this could be argan, olive, coconut, castor, or almond oil; whatever you have in the house. Apply this to the roots of your hair and then flip your head upside down and massage for 5 minutes. This will stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth. You can then wrap the hair up in a bun or braid and leave for at least an hour or overnight before washing. For a week – massage your head like this every single day, but only apply the oil when you will be washing your hair. This will give you a couple of inches of hair growth and will also make your hair stronger and softer. 

Heatless curls 

Another beauty tip for your hair this week is to try switching from heat damage to heatless styles. Heatless curls are easier than you think and you can wrap up damp hair and allow it to set into shape as it dries. For perfect heatless curls you want hair that is 80% dry. Wrap your hair around a dressing gown belt, socks, or a headband and secure in place. Once dry you’ll have beautiful soft curls. 

Sugar lip scrub 

Lips are so important to keep healthy – and we all know how dry lips can become in the winter. Now is the time for you to use a lip scrub to shed any dead skin and reveal soft and supple skin underneath. Mix sugar and olive oil to form a thick paste and rub in gentle circular motions on your lips. Do this for 1 minute and then rinse and apply lip balm. Doing this once every few days will keep your lips plump and kissable. 

Coconut moisturiser

Before you go and get a facelift to make your skin look younger – consider the benefits of applying coconut oil. Coconut oil is like magic and it can transform your skin in an instant. Applying some coconut oil to your face after a shower will allow the oil to soak into the skin and will deeply hydrate it. It will make a huge difference to your face and your body and will make you smell amazing. 

Cucumber for happy eyes 

Cucumber is a great way to keep your eyes hydrated and to help soothe them after a long week of staring at screens. Cucumber is helpful as an eye mask and by applying some cool cucumber slices to your eyes for 30 minutes it will instantly refresh your eyes and make them brighter. Do this once or twice a week to keep your eyes bright and healthy. It will also prevent you having bags.

Sleep Tonic

Is it a challenge to get ready for bed? A cuppa of relaxing sleep tonic before bedtime may help loosen up those tense muscles and soothe the mind. Many tonics are infused with vitamin C and minerals to support the immune system and provide added benefit to the skin. This way, you can make the most out of your beauty sleep. 

Lemon for clearer skin 

If you are breaking out a little bit on your skin – one of the best things you can do is start drinking lemon water in the morning. Lemon is full of vitamins that will cleanse and flush out toxins from the body – and this includes your skin. Lemon also contains a large amount of vitamin C which is used to produce collagen that accounts for the elasticity of the skin. Drinking lemon water every day will very quickly impact your skin in a positive way and it will also help to boost your metabolism and might aid in some weight loss too. 

Use some of these beauty tips to look fresh and happy this spring and summer.

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