Simple Tips that Will Help You Pack Food Smartly for Your Next Trip

We all love going on trips. Whether it’s road trips, flights, or long journeys in trains, there is so much to explore around you. When heading out on a trip, packing your own food can actually save you extra money and allow you to munch on snacks whenever the mood strikes. It may take some time to decide your travel food, but with the right choices, the hellishly long journey can become heavenly. We have compiled a list of excellent food choices brought together from different channels and food blogs.

Types of Food to Pack for Travel

Whether you are traveling with kids, teenagers, your partner, or just by yourself, these travel snacks are a great idea to satisfy your ‘onboard cravings:

Un-compiled Sandwiches

We all love a nice sandwich with our favorite fillings. Ham, turkey, tuna, chicken, beef – there are so many options. Instead of packing and making your sandwiches in advance, take your sandwich components and assemble yourself one on the spot. This will avoid you having unappealing squished and soggy sandwiches. 

When packing, make sure that you are keeping the ingredients secure. Put bread in a sealed plastic case. You can keep the toppings in separate compartments in the same box. Sauces, on the other hand, can be kept in small plastic jars. Even when making sandwiches, make sure to pack options that are not messy or complicated. 

Breakfast Options

If you are to head out early in the morning before breakfast, pack yourself a few options. Breakfast is actually the easiest meal to pack for because most items are pre-made and easy to handle. Also, if you are someone who’s late for work most of the time, having breakfast in the car is right up your alley. 

Pack yourself some banana bread, muffins, and coffee. You can also pack some breakfast burritos, fruit bowls, and protein bars. Avoid packing things that can cause spills and stains in the car. Cereals, oats, and other liquid options are not recommended as a breakfast option when you are traveling.

Non-Messy Snacks

A lot of people like to keep snacks packaged during a trip. These snacks are usually leftover, and you can eat them during the journey as well. For instance, you can always open a leftover bag of Pringles when visiting the stone mountain attractions

A mother’s approved checklist of snacks consists of simple but filling options like cheese crackers, hummus, fresh vegetables, chips, nuts, crackers, and even fruits. When it comes to fruits, you should only opt for non-sticky fruits like apples, bananas, and berries. 

Best Containers to Keep Food in for Travel

Without the proper containers, it is a bit hard to carry everything safely. Improper food packing means one bump on the road, and your sandwich fillings launch themselves in the car or the big container. We have compiled a list of some of the best food containers for your journey that ensure safety from spills and helps to maintain the quality of your food. Here are some of the best and most recommended food containers by travel enthusiasts around the States: 

Tastemade Prepd Lunchbox Set

This innovative lunchbox set-tops our list effortlessly. Buying this set means that your days of waiting in a drive-thru or by a gas station wedding machine are over. Tastemade has launched this versatile and modern lunch box to meet all your travel food needs. Not only is the container leak-proof, but it also comes with a bamboo placemat and magnetic cutlery. The set comes with three microwave-safe containers so you can place different items while on the go. This container is actually perfect for your unassembled sandwiches because the larger container of the set consists of small leak-proof spots to carry different sauces. 

LifeFactory 2-Cup Glass Storage

If you like glass containers but are a bit afraid that kids might break them, try the LifeFactory 2-Cup Glass Storage. This lunch box is literally perfect for any kind of journey. Whether you are on a smooth trip across New York city or exploring the bumpy deserts in Amazon. The glass container in the lunch box consists of silicon webbing that secures your vessel from breaking. This means that you get an overall glass appearance along with the benefits of storing food in glass vessels without any risks of damaging or breaking the box. It is also safe to hand over to kids. 

Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Container Kit

Portion management is an excellent approach to enjoy all of your favorite meals thoughtfully. However, most people lose track of their calories. You can accomplish precisely that with Efficient Nutrition’s washable, pre-portioned travel containers. This is a perfect addition for those watching their calories because the lunch set comes with 7 color-coded containers. Each of these containers has a different fundamental food category like fat, protein, carbs, etc. Simply fill each one to the top, and you’re ready to go. The kit is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, so no matter where you end up, storing your food and using this lunchbox set won’t be an issue.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container

These leak-proof containers will easily keep your food fresh for hours. The translucent Tritan cover and box make it simple to see what’s within. While the airtight seal and double-latch construction protect the food from spilling—even if you drop them unintentionally. The lid also has vents to avoid spatter during microwaving. Their space-saving design makes them excellent for organizing your snacks during the trip.

Packing Fluids for Travel

If you are going to visit a place like stone mountain park in the summer, packing a lot of fluids is mandatory. Hydration is essential for your body and keeps you active. Juice boxes and cans of sodas are usual drinks to carry along with water, but if you really want to carry other beverages, here are some great containers to store fluids: 

Kinto Travel Tumbler

This Japanese brand fluid bottle is amazing when it comes to storing hot and cool liquids. It comes with no logo and has a very pastel color theme. These bottles have the capacity to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside. Whether it is your morning shake or afternoon tea, Kinto Travel Tumblr tops the list out there. The lady who designed this is a sustainability enthusiast herself and enjoys simple yet handy fluid holders. Over the years, more and more people are considering buying it. 

JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

Over the years, the requirement for coffee mugs has increased significantly. If you want to keep a travel mug with tea and coffee, this stainless steel mug with silicon covering is best as it does not absorb external aromas. JOCO is an Australian brand responsible for making highly attractive products for its regular customers. They envision protecting the environment. This is why all their products are plastic-free. 


If you want to save money during the trip, consider packing food for the journey. From sandwiches to snacks and your favorite fluids, take anything that’s not messy and has the potential to slip everywhere. There are some fantastic leak-proof containers for food. Most people like to pack juices and sodas for their trip, but if there is some special drink, you can buy some heat and cool proof bottles/mugs.

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