Simple Tricks To Add Personality Into Your Home

Adding personality to your home is something a lot of us can shy away from. It is easy to get stuck in the trap of wanting the wow factor so that friends and family compliment your home for being “on-trend”. However, your home should be a place that represents you and makes you feel at home. Therefore, it is time to start adding your own twist to your interior design. 

Should you want to learn some tricks on how to smartly add character and personality to your home, here’s more

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Decorate your home

A room with a look of decor is one that lacks personality. Hence, it is a good idea to decorate your home with pieces that mean something to you. 

For instance, you might love trains and collecting miniature models. If so, then you could display them around your home and be proud. If you like the idea of displaying them but are not currently a collector, then now is time to start. Instead of shopping around and wasting your day, you can find all of the perfect sets to satisfy your collector’s needs online. 

The same goes for being interested in anything from fashion to artwork. Whatever you are interested in, you should be proud of it and display it around your home. 

Exhibit artwork

Speaking of artwork, exhibiting it in your home is another simple way to add character and personality. 

If you think of fancy hotels or homes, they always have artwork on display. Hence, adding some to your own space will elevate its feel and vibe. 

Experiment with your favorite colors

Although painting your home pastel blue or white might be on-trend, that doesn’t mean that you have to use this trend in your own home. 

To add personality to your interior, it is a good idea to experiment with your favorite colors. Whether that be red, yellow, or brown, using your favorite colors around your home will make the space feel more personal and unique. You could use color through paint or decorative pieces. 

Show off your memorabilia

Everyone has their own memorabilia. Whether it is objects from the beach on holiday or photos, every person has something that is personal to them that they could display around their home. 

It will help you remember those moments when you are walking around your home. Plus, they are great points of conversation if you have guests over. 

Dress the bed

Another simple yet effective way to add personality to your home is to dress the bed. Although you likely won’t sleep in the bed with the extra pillows and throws, they can make the bed and the bedroom look nice. 

Using colorful sheets or quirky cushions can show off your personality and make your personal space feel more like you. 

Shop at independent places

Instead of shopping at the same interior stores as everyone else, or even your friends, it will be a good idea to shop elsewhere. 

Shopping in independent stores will help you find quirky decorative pieces and items of furniture that you likely will not find elsewhere. 

Upcycle or shop charity

Speaking of shopping for pieces for your home, it can also be a great idea to shop in charity shops. As well as independent stores, you will find some unusual and unique bits in charity shops. 

Even if they are not to your standards or taste, you can upcycle them and make them your own. For example, you might be looking for a yellow bedside table. If you find a blue one with unique fixtures in the charity shop, then you can sand it down and repaint it to make it exactly how you want it. 

Jazz up the back of your shelves

If you have shelves around the home, such as for bathroom items or for books, then it can be a great idea to upholster the back of them. Instead of leaving them plain, you could add wallpaper or paint them a different color. 

Simply changing the backsplash of a shelf can elevate an entire room. This could be how you experiment with color, all whilst displaying items of memorabilia or of interest. 

These simple tricks can instantly change the look and feel of your home. Adding personality to your interior is important so that your home feels like your safe space and unlike anybody elses. Simply shopping in charity shops or experimenting with your favorite colors can transform your interior.

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