Simple Ways To Improve A Room

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Sometimes, the thought of redecorating can feel like a mammoth task. Whilst you may not want to move furniture, repaint the walls or install new skirting boards (although this can easily be done with help from skirtingsrus), you might feel uninspired by a room and want it to have some new energy. 

Luckily, this is something you can do easily by yourself. Forget about paintbrushes, hammers and screwdrivers; the following simple tips will make your room feel brand new in no time.


One of the main reasons that people feel frustrated by a room is because of the amount of clutter. It can be easy to chuck a bunch of clothes on a chair and forget about them – but this can affect your mental health and stress levels. It’s important to try to keep spaces as clean and tidy as possible at home so you can feel truly relaxed. So, if you’re feeling uninspired or stressed out by a room, give it a thorough tidy first. Donate anything you don’t need to a charity shop or clothes bank. If clutter becomes a habit, you might want to consider some alternative storage options. 


Adding some plants and greenery to a room always makes it feel more vibrant and refreshing. Houseplants actually improve the quality of the air in your home and help to deter illness. Plus, it can be nice to have something to look after and care for (if you’re not occupied by partners, children or pets already!) There are plenty of different ways to use plants to decorate and add a new vibe to a room. Hanging plants can be especially effective in creating a plush, designer feel.  


Adding artwork can significantly improve the mood of a room. Bare walls lack inspiration; especially if you’re in a rented property and you can’t add a lick of paint. If you’re looking to improve a room, why not go to an art gallery and find some inspiration, or support some local artists? Adding colour, depth and vibrancy to your walls will immediately improve the appearance of the room, and the artwork could help you with motivation and boost your mood, too. 


The way your room smells can also vastly improve the way it feels. No one wants their room to smell unpleasant, but odours can easily linger in a room, especially if it’s where you do your cooking or laundry. So, why not try a few reed diffusers? These can be placed strategically around the room so you get the occasional waft of the smell when you walk past. Plus, they can look lovely, and there are so many different fragrances to pick from


Every room needs good lighting. What’s the point of having nice artwork or plants if you can’t see them properly? If you’re finding the room a bit dark and ominous, consider adding a few extra lights, or even simply changing the lampshades. Candles and fairy lights can go a long way, too.

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