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Valentine’s or Galentines, make this 14th February about you!

Celebrate the love you have for yourself this Valentine’s Day, not just the love that you have for those around you.  Be it in a loved up relationship or stronger than ever single, I want to inspire women to feel empowered in their own skin this Valentine’s Day, for themselves first and foremost because I know first hand how amazing that feels.

Galentines Day WhatLauraLoves Simply Be

For years, I felt as though I wasn’t worthy of self love and I thought that I didn’t deserve such gorgeous lingerie as the pieces I’m sharing with you today, in collaboration with Simply Be, but through the journey I’ve been on in recent years, I now know that my body is just as worthy of love, respect and beautiful underwear as anyone elses and yours is too! Loving yourself takes your confidence, self worth and respect to a whole new level.  I love the confident, self assured woman that I am today because I really fought to become her.  In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing an insight into how loving myself helped with my own lingerie confidence and giving you some suggestions of the perfect lingerie and nightwear to wear this Valentine’s.

WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Babydoll SimplyBe

Feeling sexy was never something that came naturally to me, in fact, I used to shudder at even the thought of the word.  My underwear drawer consisted of mismatched and washed out murky bras with several extenders in the back and thongs that sat under my tummy, never to be seen.  I was afraid to look at myself in the mirror in my underwear, let alone have the confidence to let anyone else see me in it.  To me, I wore it because I felt as though it was the step that I had to put on, just so that I could put my clothes on and hide my body away from the world.  I didn’t even take much pride in my nightwear!

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Kimono

Everything changed when I learned to love myself, which is something that you can read more about in my Falling In Love With Lingerie blog post.  Now I wear coordinating underwear everyday and feel so empowered in the matching sets of more special lingerie that I own, many of which I’ve purchased from Simply Be long before working with them for this blog post!  I’m really passionate about inspiring women to set their inner goddess free, to feel the power of a great fitting lingerie set and how it can really boost how sexy and confident they feel.  This is for yourself first and foremost girls but if you are in a relationship, it can also be treating your partner too!

WhatLauraLoves Babydoll Simply Be Plus Size Blogger

Valentine’s Day is a great place to start when it comes to shopping for new lingerie and nightwear and you’ll find ordering a new set from Simply Be easy as they stock so many renowned brands as well as their own ranges which I really rate.  However the greatest thing about their lingerie is that it’s available to fit the bust of so many women with cup sizes from A to L and back sizes going up to a 56.  They want women to be proud of their curves so stocking such a vast range means that so many more women can feel empowered to look and feel great in their lingerie.

I love that when I’m shopping for a new outfit, I can buy everything from one place, right down to the lingerie so if its a bra that’s made to be seen to go underneath a sheer shirt, I can get it from there and similarly, if I need a strapless bra that’ll boost my bust for a strapless dress then I can find them on Simply Be too!

Simply Be Pixi Beauty Palettes WhatLauraLoves

They even have an awesome beauty section and with so many top brands, I can even buy my makeup from there which can tie my whole look together perfectly, whatever the occasion!  When it comes to the 14th February, I like to make an extra special effort whether I’m going out or staying in with my boyfriend, meeting the girls for Galentines or spending the day with me, myself and I.

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Savanna Bra

For a special date night with my boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, my top pick is the Savanna Bra, paired with the Savanna Thong.  This set might get his pulse racing but for me, it gives me an instant confidence boost and puts a spring in my step, even if I’m just going about my day as usual; it looks absolutely stunning on and I feel incredible in it.  That’s the beauty about gorgeous underwear as even if its the kind that’s made to be seen, you can wear it for you and the feeling that it gives you and no one need know when it is under your clothes!

The Savanna Bra has a black base with the most beautiful red floral and black lace overlay which is perfect for a Valentine’s date night.  The strap detail to the front above the lightly padded cups really helps to shape the bust in a subtly sexy way and the overall look really is so gorgeous.  What I love the most about it is the deep bra band that smoothes over my body and the gold hardware at the front.  It’s unusual to find a bra that fastens at the centre of the bust, most are at the back, and this feature seems to really enhance my cleavage and overall shape, together with the straps above the cups.  Lingerie confidence is as much about how you feel in the item as how you look and this bra has me feeling like the best version of myself, especially when I wear it with the matching thong.

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Plus Size

WhatLauraLoves Savanna Bra Simply Be Review

The Savanna Thong is the first deep waist thong that I’ve worn and therefore the first that sits over my tummy like knickers would rather than under the way that other thongs do on me.  I can’t tell you how refreshing that is!  I feel as though I’m wearing something sexy yet comfortable and they stay up without rolling down.

While I usually prefer wearing thongs to knickers day to day, I feel so much more confident in this deep waisted one than I have in any of my other thongs because, in the past when I’ve bought a thong to go with my bra, its been hidden under my lower hanging stomach whereas because these sit like knickers would, I can actually see that I’m wearing a matching set and that really gives me a boost from the inside.  I felt much more confident showing my partner too; he loves how this set looks.

WhatLauraLoves Pixi Beauty Contour Palette Simply Be

When you feel as though you look good, you tend to feel good too and that can give you a confidence boost when you’re getting ready for a date night, or any event, especially if you’re taking a little extra time over your hair and makeup.  Pop on your underwear, apply your body cream and slip into a kimono while you do your makeup to make the night feel even more special.

Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Simply Be WhatLauraLoves

Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow Application Simply Be WhatLauraLoves

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow Application

I used an eyeshadow palette and a contour kit from Pixi Beauty to create this look along with a slick of gloss from the same brand that I’d also got from Simply Be, albeit last year when I’d placed an order and got it for free under the Simply Be Perks scheme.  This is an area of the site that I’d always recommend checking out before you put your order through the checkout, we all love a freebie don’t we girls?

WhatLauraLoves Pixi Beauty Lip Gloss

WhatLauraLoves Pixi Beauty Lip Gloss Application Simply Be

The Dark Romance Applique Kimono Wrap really surprised me with how great I felt in it as I was getting ready as the satin is so soft but with a matte finish which I much prefer to the shinier satin that you often find robes to be made from.

Aside from the beautiful floral applique detail, this one has fluted sleeves that feel so glamorous and ties at the waist.  Wear it while you’re getting ready like I did or slip it on over your lingerie if you’re having a night in together.

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Red Kimono Valentines

Plus size red kimono simply be whatlauraloves

Speaking of nights in, for those date nights where leaving the house isn’t on the cards, the Simply Be Strappy Black Babydoll is the perfect choice.  Funnily enough, the first babydoll that I ever properly wore was from Simply Be and their styles have been filling me with confidence in the bedroom ever since.  This one is unlike the others that I have as rather than moulded, padded cups, it isn’t underwired or padded, yet I still feel so confident in it.

The soft, triangle lace cups have strap details either side of them that enhance how your bust looks and the plunging neckline compliments this style perfectly.  The stretchy mesh skirt is sheer so it gives you the feeling as though you’re revealing more than you are which can really help when you’re trying to build your confidence with lingerie, that’s the beauty of a babydoll over a bra.

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Plus Size Babydoll

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Plus Size Baby Doll

While you could wear this babydoll with a thong, I really love how it looks with the Savanna Black Satin Shorts.  They have a gorgeous shape created with the deep lace below the smooth panel at the front and the sheer mesh panel at back.  They really enhance your curves and make the most of your peach!

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Valentines Loungewear

Dressing, or should that be undressing, for Valentine’s isn’t only about lingerie though.  Perhaps a cosy movie night in snuggled up on the sofa is more your thing or maybe you’ll be celebrating Galentines with your besties doing face masks and enjoying a vino or two, either way, you’re going to be needing some cute loungewear to snuggle, chill and sleep in.  Simply Be have a huge choice this season that made it so difficult for me to choose but it was the Pretty Secrets Love Applique Twosie that I totally fell for the as soon as I saw it.

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Loungewear Valentines Day

The styling of this set really is a bit of me and I love the pink and black with red detailing for the colour palette.  The top and bottoms are so soft and snuggly to lounge in, yet are lightweight enough to sleep comfortably in too.  There’s no denying that this set is so pretty and would make a great gift for someone (feel free to forward this post to your partner girls!) as well as a gift for yourself.  Who needs to be left wondering if he loves me, he loves me not when you can treat yourself?! To Me, Love Me x style!

WhatLauraLoves Simply Be Rose Love Twosie

Whether you’re in a relationship or single this February, be your own Valentine and treat yourself to a new set of lingerie, loungewear or even some new makeup from Simply Be.  Show and tell the people around you that you love them everyday of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day, and apply that to loving yourself and your body too.  Check out this post for a little more guidance.

Fall in love with your curves this Valentine’s Day and keep that flame burning for a lifetime.


Savanna Bra // Savanna Thong // Kimono // Babydoll // Shorts // Love Twosie //Pixi Beauty

What is your favourite piece from the Simply Be Valentine’s collection?  How will you be celebrating this year?


  1. February 8, 2019 / 9:46 am

    Great article! Such a nice collection of clothes. it’s Galentines for me but hope you have a fantastic one!

    February 8, 2019 / 1:52 pm

    I looks like Simply Be have a great selection of items for Valentines day. I must look at the perk section that could come in handy to get a lovely freebie or two.

  3. February 8, 2019 / 2:23 pm

    I love this post, and I love the lingerie sets you have chosen, totally agree with love yourself as if you dont then how can you expect anyone else to

  4. February 8, 2019 / 7:39 pm

    I love EVERYTHING on this post! Especially the LOVE sweater!

  5. ChelseaMamma
    February 9, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    You have made some lovely choices here, I love the pyjama set

  6. February 9, 2019 / 9:39 pm

    WOW you look absolutely amazing!! As a plus size girl myself I really struggle to find sexy underwear in my size that doesn’t cost the earth so I will definitely be heading over to Simply Be to check out their range. I love that you can purchase make up from them too!

  7. February 9, 2019 / 10:08 pm

    I can relate to this post with regards to the underwear and the bra side and being unable to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. You look absolutely beautiful in these pics Laura and I didn’t realise how high in size Simply Be bras went, there is no need to buy those frumpy ones no more! Thanks for sharing lovely xx

  8. February 11, 2019 / 9:47 am

    I do like to treat myself to pretty lingerie on Valentine’s – I think everyone should do treat themselves and demonstrate some self-love as that’s so important too!

  9. February 21, 2019 / 3:44 pm

    I LOVED THIS POST!! Simply Be has been a brand that has bought me confidence in the underwear side of my wardrobe, I love that I can buy pretty bras and lingerie from them. I love your pictures too, absolutely stunning xxx

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