Skincare Shake Up- Latest Additions!

Last week, I posted a 3 part mini series all about hair on my blog- we had the Great Lengths and HJ Extensions review, the Area H20 Shampoo and Conditioner review and the Bronzed Summer Make Up and Hair Look.  I’m so pleased that many of you enjoyed my posts, so this week, I’m going to start a new 3 part mini series and this time, it’s all about skin care.  Starting off with a bit of a haul and review of the latest products to hit my skincare stash- we’re talking body and face today- I call it my Skincare Shake Up!

I’m a certified skincare junkie as whether it is for the face or the body, I want to try it all.  I’m a firm believer that if you look after your skin now, your body will thank you for it in years to come.  If you have a good skincare routine on your face then you can spend less and wear less make up and if you look after your skin on your body then you’ll find that your other products will sit better on your skin, like fake tan, and you’ll defy the ageing process a little bit more than if you didn’t take care of your skin- think firm girls, not sagging.

Kiko Firming Iridescent Cream

Speaking of skin sagging, the first product that has been rocking my world is the Kiko Firming Iridescent Cream.  I love firming products and I really enjoy using this body cream after I’ve used a body brush on my skin because it feels like its working when I’m applying it and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin when using this.  It contains a toning mix of Glaucine which firms the skin, acts on lipogenesis and has an optimum soothing effect on the skin, and Caffine which is vasotonic and lipolytic.  The combination of the two are designed help to firm and tone the skin and reduce excess localized excess fats.  I don’t think this is something that would happen over night and especially not with a poor lifestyle  but it is a gorgeous cream to use and it definitely does tone and improve the appearance of the skin.  The consistency is fairly thick to begin with and I like to take my time working it into my skin.  It has a cream to oil formula so the more you massage it into the skin, you’ll find that it turns to more of an oil to deeply penetrate the skin.  Once it has been applied it sinks in quite quickly and you can feel the smoothness straight away although this is in a baby soft way rather than feeling like a film is on the skin, which I really like as it means I can get dressed straight after I’ve applied it.  This cream is great to apply when you’re wearing something shorter as it gives the skin a really healthy looking, dewy finish that needs to be shown off!  I love the fruity smell that it has too as it lingers on the body and acts almost as a perfume- lots of people have asked me what perfume I’m wearing when I have this on!

The Kiko Firming Iridescent Cream is £12.90 from the Kiko website.

Manuka Doctor Foot and Heel Cream

I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about the Manuka Doctor Foot and Heel Cream (buy here).  I love using it in the summer as it really makes my feet so super soft thanks to the avocado oil and shea butter that it contains.  I use the sock technique to slather on the cream and then keep the moisture in to deeply penetrate my skin over night.  You can read all about my Quick Overnight Treat for your Feet in this post.

Derma V10 Deep Cleansing Nose Strips

Moving onto the face and I love to use products that clear out my skin and keep it looking smooth and clear as when my skin is clear and my pores are unclogged then I get far fewer spots.  I really like to use nose strips as I suffer with evil clogged pores and black heads.  The ones I have here are the Derma V10 Deep Cleansing Nose Strips which are £1 from shops like Poundland and Poundworld, Home Bargains and B and M Bargains.  These are easy to use, simply wet the nose, apply the strip smooth side down, leave it to set then tear off after 10 to 15 minutes.  These aren’t as effective as other nose strips that I have used as I don’t find that they adhere quite so well and they therefore don’t extract as much gunk from my nose!  I always buy the cheap ones out of similar places so I don’t think it is down to getting what you pay for with nose strips, I think that the Derma V10 ones aren’t as good as other brands.  I will use them up but I wouldn’t repurchase them.

Skinetica Anti Blemish Treatment

A skin clearing, spot fighting product that works a little more effectively than the previously mentioned product is the Skinetica Anti Blemish Treatment.  I’d heard rave reviews about this after it came in a Glossy Box quite a few months back so I was really looking forward to trying it.  I don’t often get spots and when I do, I just get the odd one here and there so in order to really test its effectiveness, both Mr WLL and I have been trying it out to see if it lives up to the hype.  The dermatologically tested Skinetica Anti Blemish Treatment is designed to be a fast acting solution that clears skin kindly and quickly.  It claims to sooth, calm and clear and I would agree with that.  It doesn’t smell particularly good but I would say that this product is effective.  We both applied it onto our skin using a cotton pad and found that it would help to reduce the size of any smaller spots we had after a couple of days.  It doesn’t feel stripping of the skin or greasy and it isn’t really strong and chemical feeling either.  It is comfortable to apply, gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin which is really important to me when I am looking for spot fighting products as I find that many of them sting my skin.  Skinetica is available for £9.99 from the Skinetica website.

Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque

Another treatment style product to have made it into my skincare shake up is the Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque which has quickly become one of my favourite face masks.  This is a pure clay face mask which is paraben free and over 95% natural- the ingredients list literally equates to six items!  To use the masque, I simply cleanse my face and then apply the Clayspray all over my face and then I leave it on until it has all completely set before washing it off with a hot muslin cloth.  It does set quite quickly and what I love about it is that it really sets rock solid so when you try to move your face it feels like your skin is stretching and cracking, I love the tight feeling!!

The Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque is not tested on animals and does not contain preservatives, colourings or artificial perfumes.  It doesn’t really smell of anything, aside from clay, so it shouldn’t irritate your skin.  I absolutely love this as it really does have a Mattifying effect on my skin- I’ve found that it clears the excess sebum from my oily skin which clogs my pores and gives me pimples, so I’ve seen a reduction in those, and it leaves my skin very clean but not squeaky, dry and stripped of all oils entirely (which can have an adverse effect and cause your skin to actually start producing more oil), just soft and with an increase in firmness.  When applying my regular serum and moisturiser after using this, I’ve found that the products sink into my skin much more effectively and work their magic even more, particularly the serum I am going to talk about next.  This masque is particularly good to use if I am going on a night out straight after where I need my make up to last as it has an anti shine, matte effect on my skin so it gives me skin that helps my make up to stay on even longer, which can ONLY be a good thing!

The 125ml bottle retails for £44.50 from Feel Unique or direct from Clayspray.  I would absolutely buy this when this bottle runs out.

Novexpert Instant Lift Serum

My favourite product to have made it into my skincare stash is the anti ageing Novexpert Instant Lift Serum which really does have an instant effect on the skin.  This is really great for a quick fix when you want to give your skin an instant tightening effect and brightening look.  I find that it is particularly effective after I’ve used a mask like the Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque or the original GlamGlow in the black pot (review here, buy here).  I have been applying this twice daily before my moisturiser and loving the results.  It feels great when being applied to the skin, super smooth and silky and glides onto the skin, sinking in quickly leaving the skin looking radiant and feeling smooth.

The effect is the result of a double lifting process on the skin as the Novexpert serum lifts the skin in a horizontal way that has a tensing effect on the skin and in a vertical lifting way to have a repulping effect on the skin.  It contains Novexpert’s patented discovery- Novaxyline- which is an active anti ageing ingredient that that stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid which makes skin look more youthful.  I find that this serum really helps my skin to retain water so it looks hydrated and plumped up.

The Novexpert Instant Lift Serum has  100% vegetable complex containing malic and citric acid, vitamin c and quercetin which tighten the skin and have a micro exfoliating effect and leave the skin looking radiant and feeling smoother.  Along with feeling smooth, I think that this serum leaves my skin soft too and looking healthy.  The serum also contains acacia extract and baobab pulp and together with the hyaluronic acid they help to lift the skin, smooth it and plump it up.  Hyaluronic acid is an absolute wonder ingredient as it works by absorbing more than 1000 times its weight in water which plumps up the skin and fills in wrinkles by pushing from the bottom to the top of the skin and filling out the lines.  I could really see this work with this serum as, although I don’t have any deep set wrinkles, the fine lines that I have around my eyes were reduced when using this.  It wasn’t an effect that will be long lasting for months but rather an instant effect that lasted throughout the day.  This serum makes my skin look good and feel good too, I love it!

The Novexpert Instant Lift Serum is £34 for a 30ml pump bottle and is available from the Novexpert website.  I would definitely buy this again.

Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products 03 Face Oil

Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products 03 Face Oil is like a spa treatment in a bottle.  It has a gorgeous herbal scent and takes me back to spending Christmas in the Maldives as there was the most amazing spa that I went to and had some great treatments in and this really smells like the concoction of products they used!

Nostalgia over, the Dr Jackson’s Face Oil is made up of combination of 100% natural ingredients like Baobab Oil, Marula Oil, Calendula and Arnica flowers.  It is a multi tasking oil that is rich in antioxidants and acids that work to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, banish dryness, soothe inflammation and even out skin tone.

I found this face oil to be a great natural treat for my skin.  It feels luxurious as I apply it to my skin.  It sits on the surface of my skin for a while, so I prefer to use it at night as it isn’t a good base for make up.  It sinks into my skin overnight and I awake with ridiculously soft and glowing skin.  This is a such a lovely face oil that I’d say would be great for all skin types.  I have really oily skin and this works wonders for me, making my skin hydrated without clogging my pores and encouraging it to produce more oil.  It is effective on other parts of the body too- I have a flaky patch of psoriasis on my wrist and I put this on at night to really nourish the skin and I can definitely see a difference in the softness of the skin here.

The Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products 03 Face Oil is £55 for a 50ml bottle from the Mankind website.  You can find out more about Dr. Jackson products on their website too.

Chapstick Original

The final addition to my skincare shake up is the Original Chapstick that I’ve been slicking on like there’s no tomorrow.  Both Mr WLL and I use this and find that it keeps our lips super soft, hydrated and chap free!  The original formula includes Vitamin E, Camphor, Carnauba Wax and SPF 10 to protect your lips from the suns rays.  I like to apply this before lipstick to ensure a smooth, even application and after using a lip scrub to catch my lips when they’re at their smoothest and lock in the moisture.

Available for £1.10 from Boots, this lip balm is so affordable and really effective.

So that’s the end of the first instalment of my three part skincare series.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the posts I’ve got planned for this week.

What are your latest skincare products?  What ones would you recommend to me?

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    Thanks for such a useful post. Please take care using those pose strips though. I visited a dermatologist for laser treatment to deal with broken veins on my nose, and he pinpointed the likely cause being those strips. I have sensitive skin, and the longer I used them, the more harsh the effect on my complexion

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