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You might remember my last post on a couple of Good Things products. Well I’ve been trying out some more goodies from them and loving the results.

Good Things are a brand I would recommend for those in their teens and early twenties.  Their products are wholesome, free from lots of nasties, fruity, gentle and effective as far as I can tell from all of the other products I’ve tried from them like the Stop That Spot! Clearing Gel, the Ultra Rich Body Butter and the Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser.

Bright Eyes Eye Cream

Bright Eyes Eye Cream, £5.99 from Boots

The Bright Eyes eye cream is from the Gentle Care range of Good Things and works really well with the other products in the range like the cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser.  Bright Eyes is packed full of active ingredients like super fruit extracts of raspberry which is known to be very calming on the skin and lychee which has clarifying properties and these come together to not only make the eye cream perform well but smell good too.  When I look for an eye cream, I opt for something that is light in texture, full of good ingredients and brightening in its effect.  If being packed full of superfruits and having a smooth, light texture wasn’t enough, Bright Eyes also contains a new tri-peptide which is proven to tackle puffiness and dark circles and to brighten the area around the eye.  The cream certainly does brighten the eye area and helps to reduce the puffy bags under my eyes.  When I’m really tired, I pop this in the freezer for a couple of minutes when I first wake up to cool right down before I apply it and I find that this works most effectively.  I haven’t got particularly bad dark circles so the brightening effects of this eye cream are more than enough for me.  For particularly dark eye days, I use my George at Asda Under Eye Concealer to brighten up my eye area as I haven’t found the Bright Eyes eye cream, or any other eye cream for that matter, to fully banish even my light dark circles.

This eye cream is suitable to be used morning and night and is applied to the eye area using the ring fingers so as not to apply too much pressure and drag the delicate skin around this area.  Looking after the skin around the eye area from a young age is so important to protect it from premature ageing and I think this eye cream is the perfect product for the job.  I’d totally recommend it.

Five Minute Facial Face Mask

Five Minute Facial Face Mask, £5.99

Another product I’ve been using from Good Things is the Five Minute Facial Face Mask from the Anti Blemish range.  This is a super gentle face mask that is perfect for young skin.  I find that it doesn’t seem to target one specific area, so it isn’t purely a deep cleansing mask or an anti blemish mask, it is more of an all rounder, a multi-tasker if you will.  After using this my skin feels smooth and looks bright and clear.  I apply a thin, even layer to my whole face (avoiding my eye area) twice a week after cleansing my face, usually while I’m in the bath with a hair mask on, and leave it to dry which usually takes a couple of minutes.  I leave the mask to get to work on my face for a further three minutes before washing the hardened mask off using warm water and either a muslin or towelling face cloth.

In my opinion, this is a product that will keep young skin looking and feeling young and it should be used to maintain healthy looking skin, complimenting a good skincare routine.  It isn’t one of the few miracle masks that transforms your skin after one use- Glam Glow, I’m giving some credit to you here– but that isn’t what its designed for.  It’s designed to be gentle and effective, promoting healthy skin for life rather than as a quick fix.  I tend to use my Glam Glow only when I’m going to an event to give my skin an extra perk and I maintain my clear skin with this Five Minute Facial Mask twice a week.

Using this product really does make me feel like I’m looking after myself with a salon facial every time I use it.  It contains some great natural ingredients like green clay and kaolin to draw out impurities from the skin- your blackheads will thank you for using this, avocado oil to moisturise and make the skin oh so soft, goji berry extract to soothe and willow bark extract for radiance.  What a lovely mix.  It smells amazing too, very fruity but natural, not artificial.

If you’ve got young skin and want to keep it that way, then definitely give this a try- I absolutely love it!

You can read all about Good Things on their website and their products are available to buy from Boots, Superdrug and Sainsburys.  Oh and here’s an offer alert for you to get your teeth into- Boots sell both of these products for £5.99 each but they currently have and offer on of 2 products for £6 until 29th January.  What a saving!

What are your favourite Good Things products?  What eye cream and face mask do you use?

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