Sothys Beauty Travel Kit

If you’re a regular reader of WhatLauraLoves then I’m sure you’ll know by now that I love to travel.  I probably seem as though I go on holiday a lot but it’s what I work for.  I’d rather save up my money through out the year and have a few trips away than go out partying every weekend- I’ve kinda been there and done that.

As well as loving to travel, I also love beauty products and with travelling comes miniatures and with miniatures comes a very happy beauty blogger.  The latest set of miniatures I’ve been trying out are from the brand Sothys which are one of my skincare brands of choice; think French, think luxury, think highly effective.  This is a travel collection that ticks all of the right boxes, regardless of the destination you’re travelling to.

Sothys Beauty Travel Kit*

The Sothys Beauty Travel Kit comprises of five of their best products in a capsule collection, all suitable for travel, whether its a weekend away in London, a lay over in Dubai or a trip to Paris that you’re going on.  I gave these a thorough road test on a recent trip to Kenya where we stayed in London for a couple of nights before our flight so I got to test them in typical British weather and in much warmer weather too.  The products are designed to cover 5 Sothys essential cares for travelling- to cleanse, to hydrate and to visibly restore the skin’s youth and to take care of the body.

The beauty about this collection is that all of the products are under 100ml so they’re ideal for carrying mid journey, through security at the airport to help you freshen up or if you’re only taking a carry on with you.

Inside the box, the products are all in a generously sized, clear zip lock bag that again, complies with airport regulations, saving you time and money from buying those plastic-waste-of-money bags at the airport that will only end up in landfill at the other end.  You can fit lots more of your other essential products in alongside these five too and it is reusable as well so you can take it on future trips with you.

The five products centre around your basic washing and skincare needs and they’re all available in full size too, making this a great set to purchase even if you’re just looking to try the smaller sizes before committing to the full size as there’s nothing worse than buying a full size bottle of a product and hating it which I did recently with a VO5 volumising hairspray.

Sothys Conditioner Shampoo

The first product is the Sothys Conditioner Shampoo which is a very generous 30ml size.  I got 4 washes out of this and my hair is very long so that is good going in my book!  Simple to use, just the same as any shampoo- apply on wet hair, work up to a lather then rinse out thoroughly.  This left my hair clean at the first wash without the need to repeat.

I must also give a nod to the Macadamia Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream that I’ve been using after the shampoo as the two together have been working wonders on my locks.  Its basically like a leave in conditioner and smoothing cream that I run through my mid lengths and ends before blow drying and it makes an incredible, noticeable difference to the condition of my hair.  When I travel, I always take smaller sample sizes of this away with me and you can buy them in 10ml sachets here which generally give me three applications.

The two together, leave my hair feeling smooth with a healthy shine.  The shampoo in particular leaves a beautiful light floral scent on my hair.  I have oily hair and find that this doesn’t irritate my scalp, nor does it dry my hair out or make it become greasy more quickly, so with that in mind, I think that the Sothy’s Conditioner Shampoo would be suitable for all hair types.

Sothys Shower Cream

Another in-shower product in this set is the 30ml Sothys Shower Cream.  Again this lasted me for four washes, making it perfect for a short break.  The Shower Cream lathers up really nicely, particularly when used with a small shower lily.  I have one from The Body Shop that I take away with me when I travel.

The smell of this Shower Cream is incredible and leaves the light scent of cherry blossom and lotus flower on your skin after use.  What I love the most about this product, aside from the scent is that it leaves the skin clean but not squeaky clean, as it is very creamy, making my skin feel nourished.  It works really well in conjunction with the body lotion in the set.  Infact, all of the products work really well with one another, making it a particularly well thought out collection.

Sothys Hyda-Nourishing Body Lotion

The 30ml Sothys Hydra-Nourishing Body Lotion is an absolute star in this set.  Perfect for sun drenched or cold weather beaten skin, it is a delight to apply.  The consistency is very much a lotion- thinner than a cream but with much more substance than a milk.  It smoothes onto the skin and literally leaves it feeling nourished instantly and what’s more, it makes the skin look healthy and nourished too, without leaving a greasy residue or tacky feeling behind.  This really is the stand out product for me- I’m in love and will definitely purchase the full size bottle when I’ve got through the small mountain of body lotions that are currently taking over my bathroom.

Sothys Morning Cleanser

The Sothys Morning Cleanser is a beautiful cream cleanser than you massage onto damp skin both morning and night… so I have no idea why it is called the Morning Cleanser.  Name aside, this is a fantastic product.  I have used a Sothys cleanser before in the form of their Purity Cleansing Milk (review here) which I have repurchased twice since I first tried it last summer as I absolutely love it.  The Morning Cleanser is fabulous too.  Much thicker and creamier than the Purity Cleansing Milk and id say it would be great for all skin types.  It has a light, non offensive fragrance and it is easily removed with warm water and/or a face cloth which is how I prefer to remove my cleansers.

When used in the morning, this cleanser removes any excess oils from my skin, leaving it clean, soft and ready for the rest of my skincare and makeup from my morning routine.  When used at night, it removes all of my makeup, even stubborn liquid eyeliner and again, leaves my skin feeling clean and soft but not stripped of any of its natural oils.  The rest of my skincare routine applies really well after I’ve cleansed my skin using this.

Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream

The Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream is an absolute joy to use.  It leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft and smooth and it provides a hydration that lasts all day or night until I next cleanse my face.  It isn’t as light as the name would perhaps lead you to believe as I was expecting the cream to be more of a lightweight lotion but it is very much a cream product.  I would say that it would be perfect for dry skin types as it does sit on the skin for a while as it continuously hydrates but this does not pose a problem to oily skins like mine either as its finish is almost matte… but a softening matte.  Ok, that probably didn’t make any sense but either way, it left my skin feeling smooth, hydrated and free from excess oil production and it made a lovely surface to apply make up onto.  I’d definitely purchase the full size of this.

I would recommend this Sothys set without a doubt, particularly if you’re going on a short break in Europe, for example.  Like a Paris mini break perhaps (hint hint Mr WLL).  A lot of the products are very lightly fragranced so those who are very allergic to mosquito bites should just be a little careful of using them when in mosquito prone areas as they’re often attracted to fragrance but I used these in Kenya and had no problems whatsoever which I was very surprised at as I’m usually eaten alive if I wear something with a fragrance in before I go out at night!

You can head on over to the Sothys website where you can find a list of stockists in your area, or alternatively you can buy the Beauty Travel Kit online, here.

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  1. Sadia Malik
    May 22, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    This collection seems soo tempting to me! Very nice review thanks for sharing 🙂

    • WhatLauraLoves
      May 23, 2014 / 9:38 pm

      You're welcome Sadia.. It's fabulous, definitely give it a try and let me know what you think xxx

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