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Ramside Hall Spa Main Pool

Last week, I reviewed one of my favourite North East spa hotels ever, Ramside Hall Hotel, except I left out my thoughts on one very important part; the spa.  The Spa at Ramside really does deserve a review all on its own and since I’ve been here many times in the past for spa days and evenings, I can really stand by recommendation of this spa to you.

Let’s face it, spa days aren’t cheap but they are worth it providing you go to a reliably good one and this place is consistently amazing!  The Spa at Ramside Hall Hotel is definitely one of the best ones that I’ve ever been to.  I’ve used some of their official images here so that you can get a good look at how lush the facilities are without me invading anyones privacy while they’re chilling in their costume!

For me, nothing beats a good sauna, steam and swim to really relax me; I love a good spa day and over the years, I’ve spent a small fortune on them because I really feel the benefit on my mind, body and spirit.  I first came to the Spa at Ramside not long after it first opened and the facilities really blew the other hotels in the area out of the water which is why I’ve returned time and time again be it for a girls day, a mother and daughter twilight pamper or a couples opportunity for relaxation!  This place is INCREDIBLE.

Ramside Hall Hotel Spa Review By WhatLauraLoves

When it comes to using the spa, you can either get changed into your Ramside Hall robe and slippers/ spa flip flops in your room and go straight down to the spa or you can get changed down at the spa itself.  Lockers are aplenty to store your belongings and there’s ample showers and space to get ready and blowdry your hair, with the GHD hair dryers that they have in there, afterwards.  You don’t need to take towels with you as theres plenty down at the spa for you to use and flip flops as well.  Plus there’s a Suitmate Spinner to dry your swimwear in before you go home or back to your room.

Ramside Hall Spa Review

Espa at Ramside Spa

As a plus size woman, I find that the robes at the Ramside don’t fit me so I just take my own along with me from home and no one at the spa has ever batted an eyelid so if this is something that has ever worried you and put you off going to a spa before (which I know it has as there’s so many of you who message me about it!) then please don’t let it worry you any more.  Just buy your own and take it with you, then you’ll feel comfortable, confident and just the same as everyone else there.

At Ramside Hall, Espa are the chosen brand whose products are used in the treatments, facilities down at the spa and in the hotel rooms.  I’ve loved this brand for years, funnily enough since I went on my first spa day at the Ramside Spa in 2016.  I remember saving up for ages to go and I indulged big time.  At this hotel, you’re able to use Espa products in your hotel and in the changing facilities down at the spa and the therapists will use them on you during the spa treatments themselves.

Spa at Ramside Swimming Pool

The photos of the large pool above show the area of the main pool, which is perfect for actually swimming in and getting your lengths in rather than just splashing about.  This is available to those who have a regular overnight stay booked in the hotel as well as to members and day spa guests.  There are plenty of different loungers to relax and chill out on as well as a jacuzzi, small shallow pool, a hot sunken sauna and aroma steam room.

Kids are allowed in this part only, however on experience of going here quite often, I’ve not actually seen many children here at all which is great for me as I like to think of a spa day as a bit of an escape.

Ramside Hall Spa WhatLauraLoves Review

I find that when the spa and members only area gets busy, the best place to find a bed to relax on is the main pool area and this is actually one of my favourite places to relax in as the lighting is beautiful.  One side of the room is all glass windows overlooking the scenery and spa garden and it lets in the most amazing natural light which feels warm and golden in the AM and creates the most soothing, ready for bed atmosphere come the PM.  It is relaxation at its finest.

I always find it to be chilled out and calm in this space; perfect for those who love to read or nap around the pool.

The thing with the Spa at Ramside is that it has all of the best amenities that you could want from a spa, along with attentive staff, great food and drink options and luxury treatments, decor and changing facilities but it doesn’t have a pretentious vibe to it.  Every time I have visited, I have been treated with kindness, respect and equality.

Ramside Hall Spa Day Review

Ramside Hall Hydro Pool

The members and spa guests only part is available to those who have full spa access with their overnight stay, which we did.  When you check in at the spa, you’re given a wrist band to gain access to the changing areas and this also dictates which area of the spa you can visit.

Here you’ll notice that the temperature rises and the room that you first walk into with the Caldarium, hydro pool, day beds and loungers, ergonomically shaped to really take the weight off your feet and legs is noticeably but comfortably warmer than the main pool area which really aids the relaxing feeling.  There’s an ice cold bucket shower and a warmer rainfall style shower, which I prefer for obvious reasons!  The hydro pool really is not to be missed as its a real experience with lots of different swan necks and massage jets that shoot through the warm water to relax the muscles, ease the joints and relax the body and mind.

Ramside Hall Herbal Infused Sauna WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Spa Review

Swimsuit from River Island Plus

In this area, you’ll also find the Herbal Infusion Sauna which has a glass window looking out over the spa garden and the Himalayan Salt Steam room which is my favourite as it has a whole host of benefits including having a positive impact on a persons mood, skin conditions and respiratory system.

Throughout the spa, calming music plays which really sets the tone for relaxation and there’s a juice bar where you can pick up a complimentary infused water (there was cucumber and mint, lemon and orange available on my most recent visit), apple and orange and you can also order fruit smoothies and other drinks here too.  I’d recommend setting up an account when you check into the hotel so that you can charge everything to your room.

Couple at Ramside Hall

While we were there, some of the staff also came around the pool area with fresh fruit and gyoza from the Fusion restaurant for everyone to try, free of charge.  Some of the staff at the Ramside really are brilliant and regularly attend to the loungers to make sure that wet, unused towels are taken away for cleaning and that the beds are made to keep the areas with loungers looking tidy which is what you want when you’re going to a luxury spa.  The appearence is very much a part of the experience.

Ramside Hall Hotel Spa Garden

Ramside Hall Outdoor Pool

Ramside Hall Outdoor Spa Pool WhatLauraLoves

Outside, you’ll find the outdoor vitality pool set within the Spa Herb Garden which has more massage jets and swan necks.  The water is beautifully hot so regardless of whether you go in during the warmer months or the depths of winter, you’ll always feel warm while in the water.  The Spa at Ramside is all about using hot and cold therapies to ease the muscles and relax the mind and body and the differences in temperature really assist with that.  There are plenty of loungers outside too which is perfect on a warm summers day.

However that is not all…

Ramside Spa infinity pool

Upstairs on the first floor there is a balcony infinity pool with massage jets and a relaxation area that is specifically for private hire or can be included with a spa day or break.  Although we didn’t book it this time, I have been in the private infinity pool before and would recommend it for a hen party or another celebration or for a couple to enjoy time together, perhaps if someone were looking to pop the question!  I think its around £10 per person to add this onto a spa visit.

Also up on the first floor is the Spa at Ramside Fitness Suite.

The Spa At Ramside Fitness Suite


Now I must admit, I’m not too familiar with the services on offer here but I believe they’re open to all residents of the hotel, day spa guests and of course members.  My friends Amelia and Katie have both been members for  years now and speak highly of the fitness classes that are held in the studio and of the fully equipped gym, which overlooks the pool area.  You can find out more about the Spa Membership here.

The gym is equipped with Life Fitness cardio vascular and strength machines and has a free weights area.  Theres Speedflex HIIT equipment that you can incorporate into your workout and you can also book Personal Training sessions, at a charge, too who can offer bespoke training programs and nutrition plans.  The studio hosts over 50 classes per week which cater for all abilities and fitness levels and while we were staying at the hotel, I was so happy to see that they even had an aquafit session going on in the main pool!  Theres something about working out in the water with the music pumping that really puts a beaming smile on my face.

Ramside Hall Spa Loungers

The whole Spa at Ramside experience is perfect for a solo day, couples break or for going with your friends, perhaps for a special occasion.  In fact, I can’t see anyone it wouldn’t be suited to.  It does get quite busy so if you can, I’d recommend going at the start of the week or mid week for a full spa day if you prefer it quieter however I’ve always found there to be spare loungers when I’ve been and I’ve always found a spot to relax and chill out on.

I’m going to save up and go later in the summer for a spa day and treatments because they really are amazing at this spa, plus theres the Sleep Sanctuary upstairs with massage beds that you can chill out in after your treatment and it is absolutely heavenly!

To discover more about Spa at Ramside, head to their website where you’ll be able to get access to all of their offers and find out more about the spa facilities, treatments and dining.

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