Space Interior Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Small spaces could look like a problem when you have plans of designing them to your heart’s content. You might not have the options of buying those large showpieces or that sofa set that you have been eyeing for all this time. Designing small places is indeed a challenging affair. But there are ways in which you can take up this task and turn your quaint little place into a comfort zone of your very own. However, most people tend to go overboard with their process of interior designing and start overcrowding their homes with unnecessary items and gaudy designs. These mistakes can ruin the feel of your place and make it look smaller. Therefore, in order for you to make the best decisions possible with whatever space you have in your residential or commercial area, we have shed light on the mistakes that most people tend to commit.


So you might want to buy those amazing sofa sets and the large flower vase you spotted at a store. But know that buying whatever you heart desires for is hardly the solution. You must make minimalism a priority, especially when you do not have much surface area to spread your collections out evenly. Overcrowding your home or office space is the biggest mistake that you could do, and this is precisely where you must begin with your designing skills. Keep it simple and minimal.


Another common mistake that most of us tend to commit is not experimenting much with colours, floor designs and wallpapers in fear of losing more space. This thought is quite an erroneous one with no basis. Treating an area as small is the first thing that you must quit doing. You must not allow the thought to take root in your mind because that is where the trouble begins. Instead, start with thinking big. You just have to have the heart of trying out bold colours and designs to understand what goes well with your living or office space.


There are a few essential investments that you need to make while designing your interiors. One of those investments is the decision of buying the right rug for your floors. You might be thinking that putting in a rug in an already small space would make it look smaller. But that is not how this works. On the contrary, you need to understand that the right rug with the right patterns can help your small living space look larger. Patterns can create wonderful illusions, and the trick is to choose the right one for your area.


Adding an appropriate colour to the ceiling of your room is essential, especially if the room that we are talking about is not a big one.  Colours, just like patterns, have a lot to contribute towards creating the illusion of larger spaces. Therefore, choose your colour palette, optimally.  Personally I like to go for a crisp white to keep things looking large, light and airy.  Browse through to find an array of colour combinations that you could use for your room. Plus, painting your room with the right combination of colour can make it much brighter and work in favour of the lights inside your room.


Here is another rookie mistake that you need to avoid while designing the interiors of your domestic or office space. You might require some essential furniture sets like a study desk or a bookshelf. And not buying those to save up space is not what you must be doing. You have to begin by thinking smart. Instead of purchasing separate sets that cater to your specific needs, try customising your furniture sets. For instance, you could try amalgamating your study desk and your bookshelf into one structure. You could also make use of folding dining tables and sofa sets. These are smart choices and can not only help save up space but also make your living space look chic and contemporary. Being smart helps save the day, and you should use your wits optimally.

Small spaces can be arranged, designed and revamped in ways that you cannot even fathom. You could take up the project of designing the interiors on your own, or you could rope in professional interior designers to help you with the project. You do not have to forget about buying some of your favourite sets of furniture or that bookshelf that you always wanted to place at the corner of your house. All you need to do is start experimenting with the dimensions of your room and think smart so that you can make the most of the surface area available.

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