Staples You Can Build A Whole Outfit Around

When it comes to building a wardrobe, how exactly do you do it? Some girls can pick out an outfit from thin air in seconds, others will spend weeks curating a Pinterest page to find just one or two looks that they want to try out. However, if you’re in neither camp, then the organic method of using your staples to your advantage might just be what you need. Let’s look at how your wardrobe essentials can be key to your outfit shopping, and which you need.

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How to use your staples

With the below list of staples, you’re going to find it much easier to tell whether your really like an item on the rack or not. Simply put, trying on clothes without any context of how they might look in an outfit can be tough, to say the least. The staples below are versatile and attractive enough on their own that they can show you how a wide range of items just might work when worn with complementary items.

The white tee

An excellent choice if you want to try something layered, like a good jacket or sweater, since it’s rarely going to clash with those outer layers. Great for contrasting and working with bottoms such as denim jeans, printed shorts, and the like. The white tee can be worn any day of the year without fail, and it the perfect clean slate to start just about any outfit from, as well. It’s also great for trying on jewelry, since the colour of the metal and gems pop off of it much more vibrantly. What’s more, there are tons of ways to style a white tee.

A longline blazer

Whether you go black, beige, or some slightly more flavourful checks, this is another highly versatile item that can go with a wide variety of clothes. It’s well paired when thrown on over separates, blouses, dresses to help frame and see how they might look when worn during everyday life. They can also be tested with jeans and skirts to help you see how they look on the legs when you’re visible from too far above the knee. A good structured blazer can help add some definition to your body, as well.

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A good pair of dark-wash jeans

When it comes to denim, dark wash tends to look a lot better on curvaceous figures. Don’t worry too much about the cut, just choose what you’re comfortable with and you can wear a lot over the long-term. However, you might want to pick jeans with a little flex to them, simply because it holds its shape for longer with no issues. Denim is all about practical, easy fashion. Jeans can go with all kinds of tops, so you will almost always want to bring them clothes shopping with you.

A maxi skirt

These long flowy skirts are flattering on just about all figures, and come with all kinds of looks, from floral designs to tulle options. As such, you might want not just one maxi skirt, but a selection of designs that help you set a direction for a look. Maxi skirts are super comfortable, effortlessly classy, and they’re becoming trendy once again. They look good on women of all shapes and sizes too, whether you’re plus-size, not too tall, or something completely else. There are tons of ways to wear a maxi skirt, too.

A good pair of sneakers

There are few pairs of shoes that are quite as versatile as the classic pair of sneakers. Perhaps a pair of black pumps. However, a good pair of sneakers will suit you with casual outfits, more urban looks, street fashion, rocker chic, and much much more. If your look has a little counter culture to it, then sneakers are going to help you see how you will look in everyday life. The only look they really don’t work quite as well with is the more formal style. However, if you want a pair of shoes that goes with everything, they’re as close as you can get.

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An accessory that’s all you

Do you have a statement accessory? If not, it might be worth considered. If you’re a plus sized lady, then you have the ability to wear bright, big accessories without them overwhelming your whole look. A good statement accessory can go a long way in helping you establish your style and helping you feel more comfortable in trying new looks. Then you can bring with you whenever you’re trying on new clothes and see how well they fit the style you want to craft for yourself.

Pencil skirt

Another skirt, this time one that’s better suited to trying out looks that are a little more formal, dressy, or work-appropriate than a maxi skirt might allow you to try. A good pencil skirt is one of the most flattering for women with curves, right up there with the a-line skirt. It tightens up the hips and falls away at the knee to accentuate your hourglass figure. Pair it with a good blouse that drapes over the upper body or a more structured jacket that helps add some definition to your profile and you have a look going.

Something you’re comfortable in

We glossed over it when talking about accessories, but it’s important to bring something you feel comfortable wearing when you’re shopping for new looks. Trying on new clothes can be daunting, especially if you haven’t quite come to love your figure as much as you should. Bringing a few key items that you know you look good in can encourage you to push out the boat and try them with items you might not normally wear. Plus, wearing what you love is a crucial step to learning to love that body, too.

You might find that you have some essentials, some staples, and some go-to items that haven’t been mentioned here, too. Keep in mind and bring them shopping with you. You never know when they’ll help you complete an outfit.

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