Start saving this month by adopting these money-saving habits

They say it’s not about how much money you make but how you save it! And although that phrase doesn’t provide much comfort for those struggling to make ends meet, we could all benefit from saving a little more.

Saving is much easier when you have a plan in place and once you start to notice your savings go up, you’ll be encouraged to save even more! Even the smallest of savings can add up, so whether you’re hoping to build an emergency fund, save towards your first home or just enough to give you some financial breathing room each month, we’ve got you covered. 

Start saving this month by adopting these money-saving habits.


If you smoke, then you’re already aware of the high cost of a pack of cigarettes. And it’s a price that’s only going to continue to rise. It’s because of this that many smokers are switching to vaping. After the initial equipment cost, you can save money in the long run with these budget-friendly products. High quality yet affordable one pound e liquid, vape kits, pods, mods and replacements = you could save yourself a bundle in just a few short weeks… make the switch now.

Also, if you’re hoping to save money by quitting smoking, vaping can help you reach your goal which ultimately is the best option for your health too.


In an ideal world, everyone should be living off a budget.  If you’re not, then you need to start analysing your income and your expenditures to have a better understanding of where your money is going. When you create a budget, your savings should also be budgeted for. Avoid telling yourself you’ll simply save whatever is left over at the end of the month as that way, you’ll never save anything. Figure out how much you can save and put it aside.  I find just after payday works a treat as the money is set aside before I have time to spend it!


Seen something you really, really want? It’s tempting to blow all your money on one single purchase, even if you can afford it. However, if you’re serious about saving then consider the 30-day rule. Write down what you want and the cost or add it to your virtual shopping basket. Sit on the idea for 30 days and if in that time you still want the item, purchase it. You may find that you no longer want it and you’ve saved yourself a bundle!


If lockdown and Covid-19 have taught us anything, it’s that we can exercise and get fit at home without stepping foot in a gym.  So if your gym membership is making a big dent in your disposable income each month, then get your cardio from a run or walk around the block instead. You could complete a HIT circuit in your own back garden or get yourself out for a bike ride.  Want to lift? Get some secondhand weights online, or lift boxes, milk cartons or bottles of water for some added resistance.  As long as you’re staying active, thats all that matters!


Sales offer items at lower prices but the real savings are made when you don’t purchase the items at all!   Don’t be tempted or fooled into buying things just because they’re on sale, ask yourself if you really need this item before you make a purchase and make sure you check out my guide on how to spend less and save more!

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