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Staying active is really important to me.  It was a huge catalyst in me getting my life back several years ago and it played a big part in me building my body confidence.  It was all about changing my mindset.

For years I used to punish myself with exercise, now I celebrate what my body CAN do through exercise rather than focusing on what it can’t.  I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it.

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I love the energising feeling I get, the boost of endorphins, sense of achievement and the wind in my hair.

I’m not going to lose that during lockdown, in fact, I’m taking the opportunity to focus on my fitness even more, after all I have a LONG charity walk to do at the end of the year to raise vital funds for Cash For Kids and these legs won’t walk themselves!

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So, what am I doing to stay active while we’re in lockdown you may ask?

While the government still says it’s ok to do so, I’m getting out once a day to exercise; walking Lola next to where we live.  There’s plenty of open space, coastal walks and parks so we don’t need to worry about being in close proximity to others.  Staying safe is the most important thing.

WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Fitness

Then at home, I’m doing a work out class online.  My gym, Club Zest in Fulwell, Sunderland are doing work out classes online for members (anyone can sign up!) and there’s everything from abs, HITT and Piloxing to the ones I can’t wait to do which are Retro Aerobics, Clubbercise and Zumba.  I’m a big fan of dance based workouts.

What I love about the Club Zest classes is that they’re adapted for different abilities so they’re worth giving a go if you’re privileged to be able enough to do so.  If there’s any you can’t manage, simply repeat another move you could do.

Being active is about having FUN after all so enjoy it!

The outfit that I’m wearing here is all from PrettyLittleThing; I LOVE their plus size activewear.  Shop the cropped gym top and gym leggings, black belted hoodie and white logo gym bag that I’m wearing.

Hope you’re all staying safe and exercising responsibly while we’re on lockdown; make sure you’re social distancing and not exercising in groups!  It’s important to stay active, even if we have to stay indoors all of the time but it’s important to keep ourselves and everyone else safe too.

How will you be staying active during lockdown?

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