Staying In vs. Going Out This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day getting even closer, it is really time to make your plans for the day or evening if you haven’t done so already.  Whether you’re in a relationship or single and ready to mingle, the day of love is all about spending time with those you love and enjoying each others company.

Whether you want to stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together some ideas for you in case you’re still undecided on what to do.

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Going Out vs. Staying In For Film Buffs

The cinema is a great option whether you’re going out with your partner
or with your girl friends.  There is usually a romantic film out around
this time of the year and this Valentine’s Day, its called
, which is released on 14th February.  It tells the
love story between a rich girl and a boy with a troubled past.  Whilst
this is a chick flick that would be loved by a group of girls going out to the
cinema, it is also perfect to watch with the one you love on Valentine’s Day.

My cinema of choice is Cineworld as Mr WLL and I have their Unlimited Card where we pay £15.90 each month and can go to
the cinema as many times as we like so it saves us a fortune.  If you
follow me on
you’ll know that I’m always at the cinema and that’s why- it’s a cheap night
out for us and we love it!

If watching a film at home is more your thing, then I can HIGHLY
recommend Netflix.  We’re watching 24 and the Vampire Diaries at the
moment which aren’t very appropriate for Valentines Day but there is plenty of
mushy films on there that are.  Another option is to pick up a DVD, my
recommendation would be the film
Valentine’s Day which is filmed in the same kind of style
as Love Actually and it is so good.

Going Out vs. Staying In For Night Owls

If you and your partner enjoy a drink or two, then going out for drinks
and dancing at a cocktail bar is a great option for Valentines.So many places have salsa nights and dinner
and entertainment packages available that you’ll be spoilt for choice.Alternatively, if you want something a little
more intimate then a candlelit meal is a traditional winner.If you’re from the North East I’d highly
recommend dinner and cocktails at
in Durham followed by a bottle in Ebony, the champagne bar, for a
top night.

If you’re
single this Valentine’s Day or if your partner is at work or away from home, you
don’t need to stay in on your own.  Take the opportunity to spend time
with the family you love or to go out with the girls.  There are so many
different party nights on Valentine’s Day.

When I
was at university I once went to a Traffic Light party at a nightclub in town
with my friends.  They gave you badges as you went in depending on your
relationship status- green for single, amber for single but not looking for
love necessarily and red for in a relationship.  The girls and I had a
laugh with it and dressed up in coloured tutus and leg warmers to match our
relationship status traffic light colour.  It was such a good night and SO
much fun.  I would post a photo but I don’t want to ruin my street cred…

Going Out vs. Staying In For The Pampered

There is also nothing wrong with staying in on Valentine’s Day, after
all, they do say that staying in is the new going out.  There are so many
perks to staying in- its cheaper, your feet don’t hurt in super high heels and
you don’t have to wait around in the freezing cold for a taxi.Invite the girls around for a pamper night,
get the foot spa going, some face masks and a couple of bottles of champers for
a true pamper night.

Alternatively, if you’re a guy reading this, this would win you some
major brownie points with the Mrs if you were to plan her a special pamper
night it as it shows so much thought, especially if you’ve put together some of
her favourite products too.Even if you’re
not going to be there on Valentine’s Day, organise the night and invite her
single friends round to keep her company.After all, women from across the UK were recently asked about their
girls nights and the survey found that
70% of women
prefer a girls night in
with 35% saying a night in pampering is their best
choice.According to
Ladbrokes Bingo, 47% also said that
dressing up for drinks at home is becoming trendier.

The going out option would of course be to book a spa break at a country
house hotel.Virgin offer some great
Experience Days that include
spa trips and they often have some good deals on so they are definitely one to
check out if you’re looking to go out for the day or a weekend, just keep in
mind that it is going to be much more costly and there will be others around in
the spa too.

So they
are my ideas, what are yours?

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