Headaches, Stress Relief and Tension

Headaches, Stress Relief, Tension, Syndol

Many, many moons ago, I used to work in a call centre for a catalogue company.  The office was literally under the ground with no natural light.  The computer screens and the artificial lights were so bright in a bid to compensate for the lack of natural lighting and the air conditioning was always turned up so high it was as dry as a desert.

Every single day that I worked, I would go home stressed, with a really bad headache.  While it clearly wasn’t the best environment for me to be working in, I did quickly learn the best way for me to get rid of my headaches and relax and the methods have stayed with me over the years.

Headaches and migraines affect more than 10 million people in the UK with around 25 million days lost at work or school because of their symptoms.  There are so many different types of headaches but many of them are brought on by a lot of the same things such as stress, dehydration and hunger, tiredness and lack of sleep, too much light, heat or noise, eye strain and alcohol.  If its the latter, I’m afraid I have no sympathy for you!

Headaches, Stress Relief, Tension, Syndol

We all seem to have such busy lives these days and a huge chunk of the time we spend awake it spent looking a screen of some description.  If you’re finding you’re getting a headache while at the computer or when you’re on your phone, it could be because you need the brightness of the screen adjusted or it might be because your eyes are feeling strained, especially if you have a feeling of your eyes pulling and an aching feeling on both sides of your head.  If that’s something you’re experiencing, you’re best off visiting an optician to get your eyes tested.  You never know, you might need glasses as your eyesight may be the cause of your headaches.  If not, then you’ll be able to treat your headache either with medication or by finding a technique that suits you.

There are so many different types of tablets out there to treat headaches and migraines, many of which are available over the counter at a pharmacy.  This includes Syndol Headache Relief Tablets which have been specifically designed to help to provide rapid relief from headache and migraine pain so that you can get on with your day.  If you want fast acting, short term pain relief then these are a good option for a range of acute pain types including headaches, period pain, rheumatic pain and toothache.

They have a triple action formula that aim to work together to reduce the pain symptoms and restore calm.  Within this formula is Paracetamol which helps to block the nerves transmitting the pain impulse to the brain, Codeine which works to reduce the brain’s awareness of these pain impulses, providing effective pain relief and caffeine which acts on the central nervous system to help to increase mental activity and sharpness.  Like with all medication, make sure you read the label and speak to a qualified pharmacist to make sure that these tablets are ok for you and that they don’t interact with anything else that you’re taking.  There are plenty of options out there and I’m sure your local pharmacist or health care professional will be able to advise you best.

The Syndol Headache Relief Tablets have just launched in packs of 30 and 10 tablets and they’re available in Boots as well as many other pharmacies.  To coincide with the launch, Syndol have created a new website that offers tips and advice to those who suffer from headaches and migraines on how to manage the symptoms and there’s also an area for users to ‘find their better place’ by selecting calm settings, tailored music and different relaxation exercises.

Headaches, Stress Relief, Tension, Syndol

I find that music really helps me in a lot of situations in particular.  I suffer from anxiety and use an app on my phone called Calm which has some really relaxing music that really help me to feel calm and stress free.  It also has some guided meditations and breathing techniques on there so if you are feeling stressed or you have a headache, they can really help you to clear your mind.

Since tension and stress are the cause of so many headaches, its important to spot when you have a headache because of these and then you can work towards reducing them.  Sometimes even having a cup of your favourite herbal tea and just sitting in a quiet space can really help to chill you out and banish tension headaches.

Aside from taking medication, if I have the time, I love nothing more than going for a lie down in a dark, cool room when I have a headache.  The heat, light and sunshine just seem to make them so much worse so being out of that kind of environment, where I’m feeling comfortable and cool really helps.  I have a black out blind in my room and also like to use an eye mask, especially for on the go and travelling but also for at home.  The eye mask that I’m using at the moment is this one which has a very subtle lavender scent that is very relaxing but what I like the most about it is how thick and large it is.  It blocks out all light and with the elasticated band, it is very comfortable to wear.

Headaches, Stress Relief and Tension Syndol

Sometimes when you’re stressed, its good to take some time out to relax and head to a better place.  You can easily take some time out of your day to chill out, even if its just for five minutes each morning and night to gather your thoughts while you complete your skincare routine.  Finding the right products that work for you can have not just a great effect on your skin but on your wellbeing too as they often provide a sensory experience through their scent and you actually applying them to your skin.

The kit that I’ve featured here is the Nourish Protect Starter Collection and it contains a cleanser, toning mist, serum and moisturiser which feel so relaxing and calming to use.  I love taking time out of my day to focus on my skincare and if I ever have a headache, I find that by the time I’ve taken a couple of tablets and completed my skincare routine, they’ve kicked in and I’m ready to relax in front of my new favourite show, Wentworth Prison!

How do you chill out, de stress and get rid of your headaches?

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  1. beautyqueenuk
    November 26, 2015 / 11:58 am

    I have an eye massager which works amazingly well for headaches and an icebag as it is called for cooling x

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