Where To Go To Spot Manchester’s Sporting Stars!

As the
first industrialised city in the world, Manchester’s life is based on the
principles of innovation and entrepreneurship. With its unique multi-ethnic
population  and diversity of cultures, Manchester attracts a wide range of
students from around the world.

Manchester is the city which is considered
to be one of the most beautiful in Britain. Among the main attractions of the
city one can easily identify the Gothic Cathedral of the XV century which was
built in the classical style of the century, Manchester Art Gallery for fans of
fine art, and more. Moreover, you can easily say that locals of this beautiful
city adore football – here you can find a huge number of different football fan
stores on every street corner. Manchester is famous in the world sports arena
thanks to Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs. In addition,
sports fans can visit a lot of other national and international sporting events
held in the north-western region of the country.

The most favourite pastime for many
tourists in the city of Manchester is to visit local football matches. That is
why if you come to study in this city, right after you’ve solved the problem
accommodation Manchester
, take a chance to visit the local stadium – this
is where you can spot Manchester’s sporting stars of international fame. The
famous city of Manchester – where of the majority of people around the world associate this
majestic city with the well-known football teams. Probably the most famous is
Manchester United football club (though Manchester City are hot on their
heels!). The Old Trafford complex is one of the biggest
sports centres in the UK. You can find their opponents – Manchester City –
located on the other side of the city. Both teams were able to achieve great
results and prove that they are among the best teams in the world.

Come to Manchester – both students and
football fans are always welcome here. Manchester city stadiums are among the
greenest in Europe and in the UK, while local schools are considered to be an
excellent example of perfect mastery, combining classic traditions and modern
approaches to education.

*in collaboration with  Catherine Lavinia

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