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At the end of July I’ll be going to a summer ball with Mr WLL at the club he plays golf at.  I’m going to be wearing a long, elegant maxi dress that looks incredibly classy but still glamorous.  I’ve seen a few online that I like but I haven’t quite decided which one I want to go for yet however they’re all the same style so I’m still able to decide upon my hair style and to some extent, my make up, before I buy THE dress!

When I was looking for outfit inspiration, I saw all of these gorgeous full length gowns worn with hair pinned up, mostly as prom hairstyles, so that is the look that I’m aiming for when I go to the summer ball.  I’ll still have my hair extensions in by July so I need a style that will suit and be able to hold a lot of hair.

I found this photo of Frankie from The Only Way Is Essex on the Pauls Hair World website and thought that it would look gorgeous with a long dress.  It is a bun on the side of the head with the front section left out.  Frankie is actually modelling her own range of hair pieces here but I should be able to recreate the look with my own hair.  I’m used to wearing buns on the top of my head so I really want to give this side bun a go this weekend on a night out as a test to see how easy it is to do and how long it lasts.  I think this is a gorgeous look that most people would be able to achieve as even if they didn’t have long hair, there are some great hair pieces out there that allow you to fake it like a pro!

For my hair, I think I’ll change it slightly by back combing the top section of my hair to give it lots of volume, then I’ll pull my hair over to one side and tie it a couple of inches behind my ear.  I’ll pop on my bun ring and pull my hair over it, securing it with a hair band.  then I’ll part the excess hair, plait it and then wrap it around the base of the bun, closest to my head.  I’ll not have quite so much hair coming out at the front as Frankie as my hair is quite thin but I will keep a section of my fringe out and curl it under with my straighteners.  Voila!

Wish me luck…!

What are your favourite summer hair styles?

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  1. Patty_difusa
    June 13, 2013 / 11:05 am

    I think you would look lovely with your hair up like the picture, can't wait to see the final result with the dress x

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