Surefire Pest Control Methods

Pests are any animal who inconvenience us or make our lives harder.  They can be anything from rats to wasps to cockroaches and often these creatures will either cause harm to use or our home.  In today’s post, I’m taking a look into some of the best ways to tackle pests and keep them at bay this year as the summer months always take me back to 2015 when my dad discovered that he had a whole extended family of mice living in his garage in Sunderland.  I was living with him at the time and I still laugh about it now as the methods he went to to move them on their way were unreal!  They’d basically made a nest inside a cupboard that was left by the previous owner and had scratched away at the chipboard inside to get the sawdust and chippings for their bedding.  It was an eventful summer, that’s for sure!

Pest Control can be a tough thing but there are lots of ways to prevent and tackle them without calling on your local firm. 


The easiest way to get rid of pests right from the get go is to block their entry into your home. There are many easy access points for pests which you might not initially see, so take a look around the house and look for small cracks and gaps in the walls and doors as well as small open areas behind cupboards. Make sure to seal up all of these spots this will prevent any pests from entering the home. 



The holy grail of your home when it comes to pests is the kitchen. Your kitchen will look like heaven to pests and they will try their best to utilise the kitchen to feed themselves. The smell of sugar and other food will attract pests such as ants and flies and this is where you can end up with a problem. Make sure that you clean your kitchen well every week and make sure to never leave food out uncovered. 



Whether it be the gutter or another part of the home, standing water is something which is incredibly important for you to eliminate in the home. Make sure that you take the time to get rid of water like this because this is the ideal breeding ground for pests such as dragonflies and mosquitoes. 



The wilder your garden is, the more animals you will have. Whilst this is great when it comes to birds and squirrels and foxes, it can be a different story when it comes to bugs. The more wild you allow your garden to be, the easier it will be for small bugs to hide and thrive, and as they do this they might become braver and come towards your home. 



If there was any other reason to eat healthy than to lose some weight; a good candidate would be to stop pests such as flies laying eggs in the home and infesting it with maggots… sorry, we had to. That’s right, if you leave the fruit in your bowl to start going rotten, it will attract flies and flies will lay eggs and then can be a huge vicious cycle for you in the home.



If you have tables and chairs outside, make sure that now and again you clean them and get rid of any spider webs or termites or anything else which may have taken over. You can easily eliminate bugs outside with soapy water as the soap will stop them being able to breathe. It will clear the furniture and keep the home safe.

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