Sustainable Living Examples: 7 Ways to Practice a Healthier Lifestyle

Leading a sustainable life packs many benefits: a healthier, cleaner planet, lower utility bills, and a healthier life.

Sometimes though, we can become deaf to the calls for reducing waste, going green, or reducing our energy consumption. There’s simply too much information and it tends to overwhelm us. 

Nevertheless, the problems that we have created as a species will not go away on their own, and we need to pay attention to them. Therefore, we’ve listed seven sustainable living examples that you can put into practice, starting today.

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  1. No More Plastic

Plastic is one of those useful, practical products that are part of our everyday life. The problem is that it never goes away. Many plastics simply break down into microplastics that end up in our food sources and poison our bodies.

Make it your goal to eliminate these four products from your life: plastic straws, cups, bottles, and shopping packets and replace them with sustainable living products.

  1. Go Solar

Yes, solar energy installations can be costly. However, not only will they lessen the load on your local grid and reduce the use of fossil fuels, but they will also save you money in the long term. Choose dedicated professionals such as Blue Raven to get you on the right track and reap the benefits of solar energy in your home.

  1. Be Water Wise

We take a clean and constant water supply for granted, don’t you agree? Let’s not do that anymore. Using our precious water resources wisely is as simple as taking shorter showers, making use of rainwater collection tanks, and planting water-wise gardens.

  1. Know Your Endangered Species

Everything we need to know about endangered species is available online. Again, there’s a lot of information to take in, but let’s start small. Find out what fish you can eat that are from a sustainable source, and take the rest off your plate.

  1. Back to Basics

There’s definitely something to be said about the way our grandparents used to live. We can imitate them by hanging our washing on the line instead of using energy-intensive dryers, putting on a jumper if you’re cold instead of putting the heating on, and opening the blinds instead of turning on the lights.

  1. Go Organic

Besides being a healthier way of eating, growing your own food at home is another way to reduce your reliance on a broken economic system. Starting small is easy with a few pots of tasty herbs and an easy-to-manage veggie garden with fast-growing salad vegetables.

  1. Recycle

Do you know where your local recycling depot is? If you’re not already recycling your household waste, then start with a separate bin for plastics and paper. Educate your family to make use of these and when the habits are firmly entrenched, you can add additional bins for glass and organic waste. 

Sustainable Living Examples You Can Use Today

In order to live sustainably, we must all minimise waste, limit the use of natural resources, protect the environment, and strive for quality work and living environments. We hope that the above sustainable living examples will help you to make better decisions, every day.

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