Taking Care of Your Health & Well-being Post Lockdown

The outbreak of infectious diseases like the present COVID-19 pandemic can be frightening and take a toll on individual health and well-being. Fortunately, vaccinations are ongoing across the UK, and lockdowns are easing. Everybody is getting ready to return to the old normal even if it wouldn’t be like it used to be. However, is it safe to return to the gym, catch up with your friends at your usual pub or visit your doctor? When it’s safe, what should you have on your post-lockdown health to-do list?  

While prioritising your health checklist post-lockdown, it’s practical to stay informed on the coronavirus numbers in your location, your covid-19 risk factors considering your age and other underlying health conditions, and expert recommendations in your area and for your situation.

Reschedule missed screenings or procedures

Collaborate with your healthcare team to reschedule high-priority screenings and procedures where accessible. Several healthcare groups and societies have offered guidelines for health experts on securely reintroducing invasive cardiovascular methods and diagnostic tests in areas with lower infection rates.

According to a California-based cardiologist, cardiovascular care has suffered during the pandemic, with a massive drop in the number of patients seeking acute care for stroke and heart attacks. There has also been a decline in more elective processes, such as cardiovascular catheterisation, exercise testing, and various other methods. Additionally, there are reports of worsening conditions at home as many individuals are reluctant to seek medical care for problems like heart failure management.  You can find out all about medical thermometers and other equipment to put your mind at rest.

Catch up with your primary healthcare doctor

Individuals who have missed regular medical care can plan a makeup visit for lost time, including phone or video interaction. Primary healthcare providers require periodic reports on their patients’ well-being during the pandemic, including any dietary, sleep disorders, depression signs, coronavirus, or other diseases. They’ll also need to know how home checking of persistent conditions has been going. This is why digital healthcare platforms like the Oxford Online Pharmacy will prove helpful even post-pandemic and during lockdowns.

Such digital health platforms can assist individuals in balancing their vulnerabilities against local coronavirus infection numbers to decide if and when to seek face-to-face visits for routine medical care like immunisations and dental health.

However, several healthcare experts have indicated that it’s safe for many people to return to health facilities. Strict measures like using PPE like medical-grade nitrile gloves and masks and reducing the number of people in waiting areas at every period have been implemented to manage exposure risks. Although in the early stages of the pandemic getting hold of PPE such as masks, cleaning products, and gloves, was difficult for healthcare facilities, businesses, and civilians, PPE production has since been escalated. For instance, it is now possible to purchase protective gloves in bulk. You can find a wide range of different types of gloves to buy on websites such as unigloves and other PPE supplier websites. Other visits have likewise been moved to telehealth to lessen the numbers present at the facility.

Find flow in your daily life

A more valuable means to re-establish yourself when managing a difficult circumstance is to invest energy in doing the things you genuinely appreciate. These could be diversions, working out, or other personal or resourceful pursuits. Keep in mind that it’s okay things aren’t perfect; take things a step at a time. While at it, it’s advisable to be mindful about your screen time, either on the phone or TV, especially during stressful periods. Regularly seeking the latest update concerning the pandemic or mindlessly scrolling the internet can lead to an upset or more stress. You can easily get caught in other people’s ideas and beliefs on the internet. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid comparing your life to another person, particularly during stressful and uncertain periods.

Pay attention to your body

There are three main pillars for a healthy lifestyle – regular exercising, good nutritions, & sleep. It may seem odd paying attention to yourself and taking part in normal daily activities like exercising when you’re surviving the challenging circumstances while adapting to new procedures and restrictions. Yet, it’s more crucial than ever to maintain good strength and physical well-being in a period like this since stress poses enormous pressure on your mind and body.

Be aware of self destructive coping mechanisms that could find a way into your daily schedule during stressful periods, like too much alcohol intake and overeating. While these can give some short-term comfort, they can pose a negative effect on your physical health & mental well-being & could lead to more significant issues down the line. Exercising is a vital area to focus your strength to add a positive element & feel-good factor to your daily life.

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a luxury but a crucial part of maintaining proper health and well-being and ensuring good stress management. Remember to be patient and avoid stressing yourself to keep everything going perfectly. If something goes wrong, forgive yourself and be self-compassionate.

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