Taormina, Sicily: the perfect destination for a spring getaway

taormina destination guide

As the weather continues to warm up and I am admittedly in need of a bit of sunshine, the springtime is the perfect season for long weekends or short getaways.  One spring destination that is and has long been at the top of my list is Taormina, Sicily.


Taormina is a great destination for a spring getaway for a number of reasons.  Not only is it a picturesque hilltop town with stunning views of the Ionian Sea, it’s also close to the UK!  There are 2 main airports in Sicily (in Palermo and Catania) and direct flights are available from the UK, so multiple days of your break won’t be eaten up with travelling.  This is so important to me because I am not someone who likes to cut it close at the airport because I simply prefer to get there relaxed and knowing I’ll make my flight!  So since I already dedicate ‘just in case’ time for travel, I prefer for the actual travel to not take up too much time.

Taormina is also surprisingly not that expensive, relatively speaking. The whole island of Sicily is actually quite affordable, which I was rather shocked by when researching this destination.  For example, it is common and highly recommended to check out private homes for rent, as they are an affordable and a great option for accommodation.  Online there are websites like Wishsicily for example that showcase many of the villas in Taormina available to rent for a holiday which is ideal if you’re travelling as a family.  There are also plenty of things to do and the weather is just a dream.  For such a luxurious ‘retreat’ vibe in Taormina, I am so pleased with the fact that it is actually realistic to go there for spring break.

sicily destination guide


  • Visit the Teatro Greco (Greek theatre) and Duomo
  • Head to the market at Piazza Duomo and pick up some fresh local food
  • Get a gelato, walk through the town, and just take it all in; for most visitors, the most beautiful part of Taormina is the town itself
  • Go for a stroll in the public gardens and be rewarded with gorgeous views of the city
  • Relax and spend some time at the beach
  • Eat your way through town, trying local dishes and wine as you go
  • Check out Mount Etna, the magnificent active volcano nearby


  1. One of the most popular beaches in Taormina is Mazzarro. It is a pebble beach lined with umbrellas that draws both locals and tourists.
  2. Isola Bella is a tiny island connected to the mainland of Sicily by a narrow path and is an absolute must. The beach here is a pebble beach, so plan accordingly! To get to Isola Bella, you take a cable car from Taormina down to the coast and then walk from there.
  3. Giardini Naxos is a gorgeous beach that alternates from sand to pebbles. It is located to the south of Taormina and is famous for its nearby nightlife that filters into local eateries and bars.

When I picture a dream spring getaway for a family, I think of sunshine, fun and nature.  Taormina is the perfect destination for all of this and I would love to be able to go!  

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