Ten Ways To Make Moving House Less Stressful

Moving house is always exciting, but the actual process of moving is also pretty stressful.  Packing boxes, arranging movers and living amongst the chaos is not always going to be fun unless you approach it with a positive mindset.  I learned a lot when I packed up my last house and moved into my flat and looking back, there’s lots of things that I would do the same and some things I learned that I would put into practice next time.  Today, I wanted to share those with you to make moving house less stressful for you.

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  1. Make a meal plan for the last few days before the move, using the contents of the fridge and freezer. You might end up having some odd combinations but if you go through it before hand and meal plan, it can make things a lot easier and then you’re not having to deal with taking a lot of fresh food in particular over to the new place. 
  2. Prepare meals for the other side either by doing a batch cook before you move or by getting a meal delivery service like Gousto box.  We’ve been customers since February and we’re really enjoying it.  Another option is to schedule a supermarket food shop with all of your staple items to be delivered on the day that you move in, or the next day.  I did this when I moved into my apartment as I was starting from scratch and needed EVERYTHING even down to salt and vinegar so getting my food shop delivered was a lifesaver as I could calming add everything to my basket in advance without panic buying in the supermarket and I didn’t have to carry all of the heavy bags up and down the stairs to get it all into the flat.  I took the opportunity to bulk buy things that I use a lot of as well such as tins of tomatoes and I got the BIG bags of pasta and rice to save me money in the long run.  Its nice to have a take out the first night that you move into a property after all of the hard work moving and unpacking boxes as you’ll probably be so tired but you can’t rely on takeaways everyday.  Not only is it costly but it isn’t good for you either.  This is your new home!  So it’s great to settle in and start cooking and living in the space quickly. 
  3. If you’re going to have a gap between your new house and the old one, arrange to put your belongings in storage for a few days.  Some moving companies also offer storage services, which can save you some money by combining the services. 
  4. As you’re packing up the house, take the time to go through your things.  It’s amazing how much clutter we can accumulate, and a good clear out can be pretty satisfying.  As you’re packing, decide if there’s anything you don’t want or need anymore and get rid of it instead of dragging it to a new house.  I wasn’t able to do this when I left my last property as I needed to be out quickly but I did it when I actually moved into my apartment as I was putting everything away.  It would have been so much easier though to do it before I moved and I will definitely be doing this next time!
  5. Buy a tape gun to make assembling and sealing packing boxes much easier and simpler.  I learnt this the hard way as when I was packing up my last place I literally only had normal sellotape and scissors!
  6. Label each packed box.  Write a brief list of the contents and the room the contents belong in.  This means you’ll be able to find what you want much more easily as you unpack, without needing to hunt for things.  Writing the room on the box helps the movers (or in my case, me and my friends!), as they can take things to the right place without asking you. 
  7. What will you need as soon as you move into the house, in the first few hours?  Put aside a box and put in these essentials, like a box cutter to get into your other boxes, toilet paper so you can use the bathroom without having to look for it, any medications the family needs, phone chargers and something to make a drink. Keep this box with you, so you can get at the basics quickly and easily.  If you’re renting like I was then keep all of your ID and bank account documentation together as well.  This is important incase you need it for the estate agents.
  8. Pack a similar box of immediate essentials for your children if you have any, with some healthy snacks in case they’re hungry and a few small toys to keep them busy and out of the way of the movers.  If you think they’ll find the upheaval upsetting, include something they find comforting, like a blanket or a soft toy.  The best case scenario is to try to have them looked after by a relative or friend while you’re moving as although its awful to say, sometimes little ones can get in the way of things like this and no one would like them to be hurt by boxes or furniture being moved around.
  9. If you have pets, pack a box of essentials for them too, so you have them to hand.  This should their food, their dishes for food and water and their usual bed so they have somewhere familiar to sleep.  The same goes though, if you can get them looked after on the day then go for it as it does make things a lot easier, especially if they’re wanting to be out in the garden to do their business but the movers are bringing in furniture through an open gate.  The last thing you want is to have your dog go missing at an already stressful time.
  10. Set up your house insurance for the new property before you move.  This is a trick I learned at a previous job working for a bank as many home insurance providers will also insure your possessions while they’re in transit to the new property.

If you’re moving soon, I do hope that this post helps you a little and keeps you feeling organised ahead of the big moving day!  I cannot wait to buy a house and move into it although at the moment, I’m really enjoying making my rented property a home while I’m saving to buy!

What are your tips for moving home?  Let me know in the comments!

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