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Its after 4am in the UK and I am still wide awake.  Earlier I took a 6 hour nap which in hindsight probably wasn’t one of my better ideas but alas, I am awake and filled with inspiration to blog.  I though I would should you some snaps of my recent holiday to Tenerife.  I went for a week on 7th December.

We had a morning flight and because we were classed as ‘last minute’ we had to pick our tickets up from the Thomson desk at Newcastle Airport.  We got a taxi really early… 6.30am 🙁 and arrived in plenty of time to grab a Starbucks (we had a Toffee Nut Latte each- yum. A MUST try in our book!) and get our tickets.  The airport was uncharacteristically quite.  We got checked in straight away and security took a matter of minutes.  This is me at the airport beside the gorgeous Christmas tree.

Me at Newcastle Airport

The flight took 5 hours, usually its about 4 and a half hours outbound from Newcastle to Tenerife but this didn’t bother us.  We were just pleased to actually get there more or less on time.  A couple we were talking to while we were away flew from Doncaster and had an 8 hour delay which was diverted to Manchester.  What a nightmare!!

As soon as we got to the hotel we dumped our bags and headed out for something to eat and then we went on a wander.  We found a lovely little Irish pub called The Chieftain.  We aren’t big drinkers or fans of clubbing so a quite pub with nightly live music is much more our scene.  I’m a big fan of Irish music and Terry played lots of classics, Irish tunes, country and folk music.  We were hooked and went back every night for at least one drink!  I adore the Pogues and Terry always made sure he played at least one Pogues song while I was there which was lovely.

Terry in The Cheiftain

Besides going to The Cheiftain every night, we also went to see Showtime which is a west end style show put on by British actors and singers.  They sang all the classics from Les Miserable, Dirty Dancing, Joseph, Chicago and alike as well as some rat pack songs.  The show follows the story of two people who fall in love as they travel the world performing.  Its a really good show, if a little cheesy at times.

Chicago by the Showtime cast
Dirty Dancing by the Showtime cast

We spent our days as most people do on holiday, relaxing by the pool.  The weather was absolutely glorious and a welcome change from the 15 inches of snow we left behind in England.  The last time I went to Tenerife, I went on a different excursion everyday.  This time I really wanted to just relax so this time I spent my days lying up on the roof terrace or by the pool and occasionally took a stroll down to the beach and out for lunch or a look around the shops.  The hotel we stayed in was lovely and we were given a room with a sea view, even though we didn’t pay extra for this.  We had a huge balcony so we would often pop to the Hyper Dino (local supermarket) late afternoon to pick up some nibbles and drinks and sat out on our balcony playing cards while the sun set around us.  Bliss.

One trip we couldn’t resist, and one of the reasons we wanted to go back to Tenerife if I’m honest, was the excursion to the Loro Parque.  The Loro Parque is a huge jungle like zoo filled with almost any animal you can think of.  They have fantastic dolphin and sea lion shows but what really attracted us was the Orca Ocean which is an Orca Whale sanctuary and show that they have created in partnership with Sea World in Florida.  We were literally SO excited to see the whale show and when we actually did get to see it, it was quite emotional.  I know that sounds a bit sad but it was actually really moving.  You’ve just got to see it to believe it, I guess.

Planet Penguin at the Loro Parque
The Sea Lion show
The dolphin show at the Loro Parque
The AMAZING Orca Ocean show

We stayed at our hotel on a half board basis and the food was surprisingly delicious.  We still ate out most nights though, opting to go to the Safari Centre where they have some very stylish restaurants.  We also went to the Magic cocktail bar while we were there which was fab, if a little over priced.  They had a fantastic singer on doing Motown and RnB classics.

Delicious Paella (and a bit of a fajita!)

We went for a special meal at the exclusive El Molino Blanco restaurant which is famous in Tenerife because people like Mariah Carey and Rod Stewart have eaten there.  We went there the last time we were in Tenerife and fell in love with it.  The restaurant itself is absolutely stunning, with the majority of it being outside and the whole restaurant is covered in twinkling lights and plants.  Driving up to the restaurant is amazing because you can see a huge windmill, all covered in fairy lights.  There was a singing chef who sang opera and love songs along with a grand piano.

All in all, we had a fantastic holiday and such a welcome break away from the freezing cold British weather.  Tenerife is a great holiday destination whether you are going away as a couple, a family, a group of 18-30’s or as retired jet setters.  Tenerife has something for everyone, all year round!

Have you been away for some winter sun this year?

Where are your favourite holiday destinations?

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