The Best Corporate Gifts this Christmas

Sweet Porsche” by Günter Hentschel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Giving gifts at Christmas
is one of the most popular things to do at this time of the year, with the
festive period well and truly settling in. But why not extend the idea of
giving presents further than just your friends and family? Giving gifts to clients,
whether they have been with you for a number of years or they have only just
come on board, is a great way to keep up a positive relationship and to ensure
there is a spirit of Christmas in the workplace as well as at home!

There are a whole host of
gifts you could give to your clients or even employees as Christmas draws
closer, to show your appreciation and thanks. Most gifts can now be bought
online for even more convenience, with a lot of ideas now available for
personalisation such as engraving or labelling. This can sometimes give that
extra special touch! As long as your corporate gift is relevant to each client,
you should be on to a winner.

Bring out the bubbles!

You can’t go wrong with a
fancy-looking bottle of wine or champagne to say Merry Christmas to your client
this year. At a time where having fun is top priority, celebrate the festive
period by giving your loyal and hard-working associates a little something
special to help them unwind and have a good time!

Useful trinkets

If you aren’t so keen on
buying something extravagant this year, there are a huge variety of smaller
little meaningful gifts you can choose to give, all of which can also be
personalised if you still wanted to keep that extra touch. Something such as a
bottle stopper or a personalised USB stick, while very small, can act as a
gesture of good will during the festive period. This is also cost effective if
you have a lot of gifts to buy for your clients or colleagues! Choose whether
to give something like a business card holder, or something equally useful,
depending on what you think your client would appreciate the most.

Office Supplies

While this may sound
particularly uninteresting, corporate gifts should be relevant to the recipient
and often this means something they can use in their daily working life. You
could be creative and buy memo pads and desk tidies with a difference; novelty
items for something a little different this Christmas will always bring a smile
to someone’s face when they open it! Likewise, you could give them a useful
present such as a personalised calendar ready for 2016, or an embossed diary to
help them step into the New Year.

Dulces – Sweets” by Guillermo Viciano is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Food hampers

Stand out in the minds of your clients; don’t
forget they may be receiving corporate gifts from others and you might want to
make a positive, lasting impact. While food hampers can sometimes be the same
old contents like cookies, tea and such, there are so many other options out
there. Why not go for something completely different and unique for your
food-based corporate gift? Christmas is all about treating yourself and others,
enjoying your food and spending time with loved ones; a hamper full of exciting
sweets could do the job! Full of old-fashioned sweets and confectionery that
you may have forgotten about, a hamper-full could really make a positive
impression on your clients.

For all your Retro Sweet needs, get in touch with a
company who really know their stuff when it comes to everything sweet!

What are your favourite corporate gift ideas?

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    Food hampers are always such a great gift to give x

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