The Best Student-Friendly Countries to Visit

Modern students can afford to travel. In addition, visiting new countries is ideal for expanding horizons and finding the meaning of life. Sometimes students need a new place to meditate, relax, and “reboot their brains.” That is why choosing a new country is so important. But which countries are best for students? Here are the top student-friendly countries to visit.

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Canada is an amazing country with beautiful nature and friendly people. Here you will feel at home because the locals are extremely friendly. Moreover, you can visit many local attractions and get a student discount. Start with the English-speaking provinces and find guides to show you the best places. It is worth noting that many of Canada’s natural and architectural sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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What do you know about the Land of the Rising Sun besides sushi and samurai? Japan is an amazing country that mixes centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. As a tourist, you can visit ancient villages and see how people lived centuries ago. At the same time, all large cities like Tokyo are an example of digitalization and modern technologies. Here you will surely be able to visit student exhibitions and discuss innovative educational projects.


The Japanese are very kind to tourists and will certainly help if you find yourself in trouble. Besides, local cuisine will delight lovers of fish, squids, lobsters, and oysters. In some cities, prices are quite reasonable so that even a budget tourist can get a lot of positive emotions. You need to understand which region you want to visit first.

New Zealand

If you have enough money for air tickets, New Zealand will allow you to have a great time. In addition to the excellent nature and friendly people, you will have a journey into the world of cinema. The fact is that New Zealand is exactly the place where “Lord of the Rings” was filmed. Having visited Hobbiton, you will surely feel nostalgic and want to remember the film’s key moments again. Take your time and enjoy your journey. Surely you will see Frodo’s house or Gandalf’s wagon.


But New Zealand is not only about ideal nature and theme parks but also about modern infrastructure. Many urban students will be interested in learning more about the secrets and tricks that local architects use to build new monumental buildings. Surely you will even be surprised when you find out what building materials are popular in this country.


Norway is one of the most successful Scandinavian countries. It is also the fjords’ country, the Vikings’ birthplace, and the perfect place to stay for months. Start in the biggest cities and try the local delicacies. By the way, Norwegian beer is very tasty, and you will surely have a good time in the local pub, asking local students about their traditions.


You should also visit natural parks and historical sites to enjoy the pristine nature and clean air. The only aspect is the pricing policy, so you should be prepared to spend in advance. However, even high prices will not be a problem, especially if you plan your trip for a couple of months. Such a strategy will allow you to enjoy Norway and abstract from the academic routine.


Greece is a very attractive country for many students. The first plus is the availability of rental housing. In addition, the local food is very tasty and balanced, so you don’t have to worry about your diet. And do not forget that Greece has ideal beaches and many historical sights. Surely you will be glad to see all the key locations and national parks.


In addition, this country has many excellent ports where you can find cruise ships. Having gone on a trip to the Aegean or the Ionian Sea, you will have a great time. And do not forget that students can count on discounts if travel companies have a partnership agreement with the Greek Ministry of Education. Holidays in Greece will allow you to rethink your educational routine and have a great time.


There are many student-friendly countries that you should visit. Start with the most popular places and don’t forget to save money in advance. By traveling around the world, students can expand their horizons and see new opportunities for academic growth. Enjoy your travels and choose countries where you will feel at home. The world is huge, and you should see at least its small part to become a happy person.


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