The Body Shop Coconut Range

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set

When it comes to smelling good enough to eat, I don’t think you can go far wrong than with the scent of coconut.  It is warming, decadent and distinctive and boy do I love it.

For Christmas, I received a gift set full of coconut scented products from The Body Shop and I’ve been using them ever since.  I popped them straight into the wash bag that I use at the gym as I go there frequently and I like to use lovely products after I’ve showered when I’m there, just as I would when I’m at home.

Coconut Body Scrub

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Body Scrub

The first product that I have been using is the Coconut Body Scrub which I have a sneaky suspicion I have used in the past, a lot of years ago.  Either way, I really like it because it is pretty abrasive on the skin.  The exfoliating particles are quite finely ground so they help to slough away dead skin cells without scratching the skin.  They are set in a very creamy solution that feels so soft and helps to moisturise the skin with the organic virgin coconut oil it contains while the scrubbing bits exfoliate the skin.

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Coconut Body Scrub

I have been using this in the shower by wetting my skin first then moving out of the direct flow of the water and then rubbing the body scrub over my skin in circular motions.  I find that this is the best way to get the most benefits from the scrub as my skin is left looking and feeling soft and smooth after use- great for those scaly shins I sometimes get during the cold winter months!

The coconut body scrub does smell of coconut (funny that!) but it isn’t a very strong scent and it doesn’t linger on the body after use.

Coconut Body Butter

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Body Butter

After drying off, I have been smoothing on the Coconut Body Butter which has a slightly stronger  coconut scent than the scrub and it lingers for longer on the skin too.  This one also contains the Community Fair Trade virgin organic coconut oil and I could really tell that this was in the body butter as it left my skin feeling so soft after every use.

The body butter feels decadently rich and creamy but yet it sinks into the skin pretty quickly which is really important to me as after I’ve been for my workout and showered, I like to get dressed and out of the door as quickly.  This means that something that is fast absorbing is definitely high on my list of priorities when it comes to choosing body products.

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Body Butter

In the past I have used the Coconut Milk Body Lotion which is basically a very lightweight liquid version of the body butter and it comes in a spray bottle.  I would recommend that one for use during the summer months and on hot holidays as it is so light and fresh, making it great for spritzing on after a day in the sun.  However for the cold, winter months, I would recommend this body butter because it is a lot thicker so will moisturise your drier skin much more.

The skin feels so deeply nourished as soon as it is applied to the skin as after a couple of minutes, the body butter is fully dried and absorbed, leaving a super moisturised feeling.  No residue can be felt on the skin as my body just feels soft and supple.  The skin on my body tends to really dry out over the winter months and this body butter has been fabulous at combating that.

Coconut Body Mist

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Coconut Body Mist

The soft skin feeling lasts all day and the coconut scent does stay on the skin for a couple of hours after application.  However to further enhance the coconut scent, I have been applying the Coconut Body Mist.

The body mist smells strongly of coconut yet it is surprisingly fresh smelling.  This is unusual for coconut fragranced products as they are usually heavy smelling.  The scent is very light which I wasn’t expecting at all and after a hot shower, it feels quite refreshing to spray onto my body as I am getting ready.  Using the Coconut Body Butter before hand helps the scent to last longer as the scent is layered on the body.  If I am going out after the gym then I do prefer to pop on a spritz of my favourite perfume as I find that the body mist doesn’t last all day on my skin and I do like strong, musky smelling products but it does last for a few hours.

Coconut Lip Butter

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Lip Balm

The last product from my gift set that I have been using since Christmas is the Coconut Lip Butter which smells (and tastes!) lush.  It contains organic virgin coconut oil which is a real treat for the lips, especially those that are chapped from the cold.

The Lip Butter comes in a little pot that you need to swirl your finger around to get the product out.  This isn’t an issue for those who like to keep their finger nails short like I do but those who have long nails or wear acrylics, may want to opt for the Coconut Natural Lip Roll On instead as it could get a little messy using the pot!

The balm feels buttery soft and melts like butter as soon as you swirl your finger around in the pot.  When applied to the lips, it leaves them feeling instantly nourished and hydrated and I have found that the softness has remained in my lips through repeated use of this balm.  They have a healthy glow about them after use which is lovely when opting for a really simple, no make up, make up look (BB cream, mascara and lip balm for me!).

From previous experience with The Body Shop lip butters, once you have started to use one you need to keep using it as I find that if you leave them in your stash for ages then they end up drying out and they lose their melting texture.  I’ll certainly not be allowing that to happen to this one and will be keeping it in my bag for soft lips on the go!

The Body Shop Coconut Range Gift Set Coconut Body Butter Coconut Body Scrub Body Fragrance Mist Lip Butter

There’s quite a few more products available in the coconut range that I would like to try as it is a scent that I really enjoy and I’m impressed at how moisturising each product has been.  The Coconut Shower Cream in particular really appeals to me as it is supposed to be For the full range of Coconut products, head to this page but if coconut isn’t your thing then find a scent that is over on The Body Shop website as they have such a wide range of fragrances and they ALWAYS have offers on!

Oh and if you’re wondering, the wash bag I’ve been using and have photographed with the coconut products is by Ted Baker and it is the large nude Botanical Bloom Wash Bag.  I got mine for Christmas but it is available on sale herehere and here.


What is your favourite range from The Body Shop?  Which products would you recommend to me?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Leah XL Channel
    January 8, 2015 / 9:44 pm

    You are going to think I am ridiculous when I say this but I only recently got something from Bodyshop for the first time in about 20 years.I'm not a coconut fan but the body mist looks great.

  2. Grown Up Grace
    January 9, 2015 / 7:53 pm

    My friend uses the body mist and it smells lovely. I am thinking of putting in a big order this weekend. I loved the Cucumber and Mint Nature Lovers Shower Gel but they discontinued it, it still pops up in the sale sometimes and I stock up.Grace

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