The Cooper Pegler Product Every Farmer Needs

Every farmer understands the importance of taking care of crops and to do that, they need to make sure that they use the right products. From applying herbicides and fungicides to using the right equipment, it all has to work together to ensure farmers can achieve the very best results when it comes to growing.

In order for this to happen, the Cooper Pegler sprayer is all that they need as this will enable them to undertake spraying with minimal fuss but what makes the product so good?

Built For Durability

The sprayer has been designed for heavy-duty use as it has been manufactured using the latest materials. Due to the products that it will contain and how the product will be used, their sprayers are certain to stand the test of time. With excellent quality materials, there is no doubt that it is built to last, ensuring farmers can rely on their sprayer year after year. Furthermore, the sprayers also have a unique membrane pump system and that also helps to enhance the lifespan of the pump.

Suitable For A Range Of Treatments

Farmers need to be able to care for their crops using the right products which means that they need a sprayer that is suitable and fit for their purpose. Therefore, they can rely on the sprayer to handle many different treatments such as fungicides and herbicides.

Treat In Large Volumes

There are several different sprayers available, enabling farmers to find the perfect product for their needs. As a result, they can choose a sprayer that fits their specific needs and with that comes the ability to treat small or large areas with ease.

Easy Carry System

What is especially important when it comes to carrying sprayers is the comfort that they offer. This is because it is hugely important that they can be carried comfortably and safely. Fortunately, the latest spray systems come with a new ergonomic carrying system that includes comfortable shoulder straps as well as a waist belt that provides a better fit.

A Variety Of Accessories

To make it possible for farmers to enhance the life of their sprayer but also get more from it, there is a range of accessories available to choose from. You will find accessories for different models such as the CP 2000 or the CP classic while they will also find replacement parts should parts become faulty or become damaged. Furthermore, you will find replacement trigger valves but also composite nozzle booms as well as extension lances that can help to increase the reach of your sprayer, making it possible to treat hard-to-reach areas. There are also spay cones and spray shields that make it possible to treat specific areas without fear of any treatments affecting nearby crops or plants.

So, farmers rely heavily on the very best equipment in order to ensure that they can carry out specific jobs with ease and this is where the Cooper Pegler sprayer and accessories can make a difference.


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