The Gift of a Great Tan

When it comes to Christmas presents, I can’t think of anything I’d like to receive more than one of these gorgeous Christmas gift sets from Xen-Tan.  These are the best tanning gift sets I’ve seen on the market this year and it’s no surprise that they are by one of my favourite tanning brands… you might remember my rave about their Mousse Intense earlier this year and I’ve repurchased it monthly ever since.  I did dabble with the Lauren’s Way Darker than Dark lotion (not so positive review coming soon on that one) but after two applications it quickly made its way into the bin.  I guess once you go Xen-Tan you never go back!

Now, onto the gift sets.  Well, there are three to choose from which will suit those wanting to achieve a light, medium or dark tanned skin tone and the products within the sets are chosen to help you to achieve the desired look.  They’re also a guide as to which products would suit each skin tone, so if you’re really fair you may find that the light set will develop into the best tan to suit your colouring and so on.  Whichever gift set you choose, whether its for yourself or to give as a gift, it will ensure the wearer is ready and bronzed for all those parties over the festive season!


Head to Toe Tanning Collection

Photo taken from Xen-Tan

All three sets contain one of the Xen-Tan tanning mitts which is essential for helping you to achieve a flawless false tan application.  The products are packaged in a really sturdy white and clear cosmetic bag that fastens with gold press studs which is perfect for travelling and they all contain an information card too that lets the reader know about the products Xen-Tan offers.  The set then contains Xen-Tan’s very own Body Scrub which has a very fresh minty scent and a tanning product suited to each kit so the ‘dark’ set has a bottle of Dark Lotion, the ‘medium’ set has a bottle of Deep Bronze Luxe and the ‘light’ kit has a bottle of Transform which is like a gradual tan, perfect for false tan virgins, those with very fair skin or those who want to achieve a deep tan over time.

I have the dark collection as that’s the false tan look I like to achieve and whilst my hair is fair, my skin suits a dark tan well, perhaps that’s because I have brown eyes but regardless, I love to look very brown.  Xen-Tan is the best tan for achieving a deep brown tan that is very natural looking.  All of the formulas that I have tried have applied like a dream, smell surprisingly nice- not like the usual biscuit fake tan fragrance and have a great guide colour.  The colour is long lasting and they fade evenly.

Contained within the ‘Dark’ set is a Xen-Tan Body Scrub and a Xen-Tan Dark Lotion which is famous in the tanning world as it is loved by so many.  I’ve got a review coming up on both of these products but for the time being, I thought I’d put this up as a last minute gift post just incase you had any last minute gifts to buy.

The Xen-Tan gift sets are £39.99 at the moment which is a great buy considering their RRP is £47.97!  I got mine from the Xen-Tan website.

I know that all of my girls would really appreciate one of these this year, what about your friends?

Oh and of course, don’t forget about my guide to achieving the perfect false tan at home.

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