The Grape Escape: 4 Amazing Regions to Visit if you Love to Drink Wine

Many wine lovers around the world would love nothing more than to try various wines from different regions around the world. Unfortunately, many people can not travel to these regions because of the expense involved. Luckily, there are many wine tastings and events you can purchase tickets for so that you can sample different wines to get an idea of what you like. Below is a closer look at four wine regions you must try if you have a love for wine.

Napa Valley

One of the most popular regions to visit in the United States is Napa Valley, found in California. Napa Valley has some of the most amazing wine selections ranging from low to high-end wines. As stated above, if it is difficult for you to make the trip, then sample various wines from that region at different wineries. You can get information at to view the different wine events they have to see which one or ones interest you. Tickets are reasonably priced and you will get a chance to sample wines paired with different food options, such as cheese and chocolate.


Right in the heart of the Midwest lies a group of seven family-owned wineries that offer wonderful wine tastings and pairings year-round. The winery features wines from all over the country, as well as several of their own. A wine tasting is an affordable way to sample various selections to determine which ones you would like to buy bottles of.


French wine is absolutely amazing in its rich and robust taste. Ranging from various taste profiles, the wine is loved by many worldwide. To sample similar wines with the robust taste profile, visit wineries that offer similar wines to see which ones may interest you. A great wine trail to try if you are interested in French wines would be the chocolate or cheese wine trail. Not only will you get valuable information on the wine, but you will also sample it with the best chocolate or cheese that would pair nicely with the wine to bring out its natural flavours.


Another region that is known for its superb wine in Spain. The majority of wines are elegant, intense in flavours, and full of deep minerals and bright acidity. These wines range from light whites to rich and very fruity deep red wines. Visit a winery specializing in similar wines from this region to get an idea of what Spanish wines entail.

Wine comes in a variety of blends and flavour profiles for people to enjoy. White wines are usually lighter and fruity, whereas darker wines are richer and dry. Sample a variety of each one to determine your likes when it comes to wine from different regions. With the many wineries around the world, finding a type of wine, you will enjoy is not a difficult task, especially if you favour wine.

Many people enjoy drinking wine because it pairs really well with various foods people eat. For example, red wine is preferred when you are serving a charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, and a variety of fruits and nuts. With dessert, light white wine is preferred (unless it is a dark chocolate cake, then red wine is a must). However, do not feel pressured to limit yourself to wine pairings because you should eat and drink whatever tastes best to you.

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