The Joys Of Growing Up In London

Are you thinking of starting a family while living in London? There are pros and of course, there are cons but there are so many benefits to living in and growing up in London. Here are four benefits to the big city. 

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No other city has transportation links like London, you are never far away from a bus or tube and you also never have to wait long. The only issue with road transport is the congestion, there will always be congestion. It’s London after all, just like any major city, take New York for example. The underground system is very efficient however and you can get across London in no time at all. The majority are buggy friendly and most stations will have lift access to platforms. Buses have been modernised so can now accommodate more than one buggy at a time. 

Places To See

Well, where do we start, you will always get people saying to you ‘wow you grew up in London, you’re so lucky. You might not see it now but you are in fact very lucky. London has so much to offer in the way of sites and attractions, such as the London eye. These aren’t just tourist destinations, they are also available for Londoners like you. 

There may be attractions that you haven’t explored yet or some that you frequent regularly. If you are looking for somewhere for you and your friends to go for a great time then it is highly recommended you take a trip to Namco on the Southbank. Once you have seen this amazing place you will never want to leave and will be coming back regularly. 

When you raise your children here you will be able to transfer your love of the city over to them and show them all the sites that are on their own doorstep. If attractions aren’t your thing or you have been there and got the t-shirt then why not spend time relaxing in one of the many parks situated around London. 


London is probably most famous for its shop-lined streets, there are many shopping districts you can go to over and over again. If you ask someone about a shopping area of London the one they will most probably respond with will be Oxford Street. With its vast array of both high street and designer shops, there is something for everyone. Another popular shopping choice for both Londoners and the visiting tourists is Westfield, there are two in London, one at Stratford and the other in Shepherds Bush. 

All shopping areas are easily accessible and many people dream of living in London so they can have access to the shops like you do. 


There is a huge selection of schools available in London and most of them have amazing Ofsted results. Schools in London are open and accepting to all students, even those with additional needs. There are both private and state schools but you need to be sure that you are in the catchment area as most of these schools are full so you have to live in the area to get a place. 

There are a lot of school trips available to kids living in London, quite often your child will have the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum, which is an amazing experience. Natural history museum school trips have many benefits including nurturing your child’s love for all things historical, such as dinosaurs and fossils. 

We hope this gives you hope that growing up in London can have amazing benefits.

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