The top adventure holiday destinations in 2021

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For thrill-seekers, relaxing on the beach in destinations like Kenya just doesn’t cut it when there are an array of adrenaline-fuelled activities to do instead. Of course, we all need a holiday from time to time, but we generally do them slightly differently from each other. Adventure holidays are growing in popularity,though, especially with families.

Not everyone is suited to an adventure-related getaway. For some, the prospect of climbing a mountain or embarking on an epic journey down some water rapids is nothing short of a nightmare, while for others, it’s a dream scenario to experience. If you’re the former, perhaps the option of discovering adventure-themed slot games at Slots Heaven will suffice, whereas, for the latter, adventure holiday destinations are ideal. In fact, even in the UK, there are some great options that are capable of providing an adrenaline rush with some high-octane adventures to help create an action-packed itinerary. The options abroad are comprehensive; also, it’s ultimately about assessing what exactly it is that you want to do and where are the best places in the world to do them. Below is a look at some popular options right now. 

Lapland isn’t just for kids

Most of the people visiting Lapland tend to be kids, but it caters for the adult adventurers among us too. In Lapland, holidaymakers can get stuck into a selection of snow sports,for example. You can try snowmobile riding, jump on a sleigh while being pulled by huskies, and even enjoy some skiing in what is one of the most unique destinations to explore on the planet. 

Ever been to a UK holiday park? 

A holiday park in the UK is a great place to visit, especially if you’re part of a group of travellers. Holiday parks generally offer a whole host of activities for friends and family to enjoy, be it rock climbing, fencing, snorkelling, crossbow training and everything else in-between. Hoseasons is a good place to look into, with the company having 18 locations across the country.

Plan a Slovenian adventure

Slovenia is a beautiful country to explore, especially on one of Europe’s longest zip-lines! You can do exactly that along the banks of the country’s Soca River, while also being able to sample a selection of water sports and other activities such as mountain biking. 

If it’s good enough for David Attenborough… 

A favourite destination of broadcaster and natural historian, David Attenborough, Costa Rica is a haven for wildlife in particular. As well as taking in its natural beauty, though, people are visiting the country to go on a variety of adventures. For example, at Monteverde Cloud Forest, you can cross eight sky-high hanging bridges. Alternatively, perhaps you’d rather try some zip-lining through the rainforest.

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Sample the ‘Hawaii of the Caribbean’

St.Lucia is well known for its tropical scenery, but the island boasts plenty of fun and exciting things to do too. You can drive through a volcano, zip-line through the jungle, have a thermal mud bath, and try a selection of water sports. A gorgeous location in its own right, St. Lucia provides the adventures you might want alongside the taste of paradise you need.

Explore the Italian Alpine

Perhaps sunshine, lakes and mountains appeal more to you than a tropical paradise like St.Lucia, which is where Italy’s Aosta Valley comes in. Visitors can enjoy white water rafting, lake paddling, rock climbing, and a whole host of other memorable activities. The traditional town of Villeneuve is a favourite for many. 

Other adventure holiday destinations worth considering in 2021 are New Zealand, Wales, Mauritius, the Philippines, Galapagos Islands, Greenland, Cuba, and Scotland.

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