The Yours Clothing Voice Award Winner

This year, plus size fashion favourite Yours Clothing have launched The Yours Awards which aim to provide recognition for advocates of the plus size industry.  They’re the people who Yours feel have gone the extra mile, working incredibly hard and made a notable difference in the industry the last year.

Many amazing people and events have been chosen from ITV This Morning’ Alison Hammond to Slink Magazine, The Curve Fashion Festival and, I’m proud to say, yours truly.

I am so happy to let you all know that I have won The Yours Clothing Voice Award.

When I opened my inbox to find an email from Yours Clothing to let me know that I had won, I was beyond excited and so proud.  It is amazing to receive such fabulous recognition for something that I work so passionately and hard at.  I’ve been blogging for 7 years now and not a day goes by where I’m not working on new ideas, content or interacting with others online.

I love that my hobby became my job but to keep it that way, a lot of dedication and determination is needed so to have been recognised by one of my favourite brands is a complete honour.

When I got back from Costa Rica, a package was waiting for me and inside was a gorgeous glass award (isn’t it beautiful?) along with the message:

For the first year ever Yours Clothing have launchedThe Yours Awards.

Our goal of The Yours Awards 2017 is to provide recognition for plus-size industry advocates. Individuals who have gone the extra mile, worked super hard and who have notably made a difference over the past year. We have so much admiration for you and what you do for the industry, it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

With this said, we are very proud to announce that you, Laura Ferry, are the winner of The Yours Clothing Voice Award.

You always go above and beyond for our brand, creating excellent content through video and still imagery. We have watched you grow over the years and you have supported Yours Clothing every step of the way. You are a beautiful woman inside and out, which is why we have awarded you The Yours Clothing Voice Award in The 2017 Yours Awards.”

To say that I’m over the moon to have been given this award would be a complete understatement, especially as Yours Clothing are where my love of fashion really started.  You can read all about that in this post.

What a great way to start 2018, I’ve never been so excited for the year ahead career wise as I have with this one.  There’s lots in the pipeline that I’m working on to help to inspire more women to love their body and to be the best version of themselves for themselves.

Winning this award will already go down as a highlight of my year.  All I need to do now is to decide where to keep it… shall I have it pride of place in my living room, go all girl boss with it on a shelf in my office or shall I be a total rockstar and keep it in the bathroom?  I’ve heard that’s where Adele keeps all of her awards to remind her of her hard work every time she goes in; well if its good enough for her…!


  1. Jinzo 2400
    January 24, 2018 / 5:39 am

    Congratulations Laura! Bet it makes sitting down to right the next blog a little easier!! We fully expect to hear a winner's speech right soon!

  2. Yeah Lifestyle
    January 24, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    This is a great award to recognize those championing plus sized clothings

  3. Emma White
    January 24, 2018 / 4:16 pm

    oh this is a great to see as my teen daughter is a plus size and shes still struggles to find fashionable clothing for her size would love to see more brands making them especially for teens

  4. Hayley Warren
    January 24, 2018 / 4:37 pm

    Congratulations on your win, that's amazing! You must be so proud!

  5. Bethany Sibley
    January 24, 2018 / 7:50 pm

    Oh wow that’s amazing, congratulations. What a brilliant role model you are 🙏🏼

  6. Five Little Doves
    January 24, 2018 / 9:19 pm

    WOW congratulations! That's absolutely amazing given the competition, bet you are walking on air aren't you!

  7. Five Little Doves
    January 24, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    Oh wow congratulations! That's absolutely amazing, even more so given the competition! I bet you are walking on air aren't you!

  8. Melanie Williams
    January 25, 2018 / 6:33 am

    Oh my congrats on your win, I bet you are super proud of your achievement x

  9. Rhian Westbury
    January 25, 2018 / 10:35 am

    That's absolutely amazing, you should be so proud of yourself and what you've achieved x

  10. Chrissy Faery
    January 25, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    Wow!! Congratulations, that's awesome! I have to say, I love the idea of keeping it in the bathroom, so that you can look at it often and get a kick of pride and motivation throughout the day! xxx

  11. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes
    January 25, 2018 / 6:01 pm

    Wow huge congratulations Laura! What a fantastic achievement, so deserved! 🙂

  12. Kirsty Ralph
    January 25, 2018 / 7:04 pm

    That is such an amazing award to win and well done! I think it needs to be pride of place in the living room myself!

  13. Healthy & Psyched
    January 25, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    OMG! Congratulations, that's so fantastic. I'm glad that your blog has the recognition that it deserved.

  14. Joanna Davis
    January 26, 2018 / 9:12 am

    Congratulations for the award! It's so nice when your work gets recognised! And you are doing great, taking in consideration how tough the competition was! Congrats once again.

  15. Tigerlilly Quinn
    January 26, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    this is brilliant, so many congrats on winning the award! x

  16. Dannii Martin
    January 26, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    I saw this on your Instagram and it’s amazing. A huge congratulations to you!

  17. Lubka Henry
    January 26, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    Oh wow! This is an absolutely amazing recognition, hun :))Congratulations!

  18. Lauretta at Home and Horizon
    January 26, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    Congratulations for winning this award!

  19. Alison Rost
    January 27, 2018 / 3:00 am

    This is amazing news, congratulations for winning! I think it's well deserved and all your efforts have paid off. Keep it up!

  20. Ching Ching
    January 27, 2018 / 3:52 pm

    Yay, you must feel elated to receive this kind of appreciation. Congratulations again for winning that award!

  21. Casa Costello
    January 28, 2018 / 10:50 am

    Whahoo! Huge congratulations – Very well deserved. You really do go above and beyond for the brand x

  22. Angela Milnes
    January 28, 2018 / 8:37 pm

    Well done Laura. This is amazing. So happy for you. It is so hard to get an award so well done.

  23. Mira MindOverLatte
    January 29, 2018 / 12:13 am

    Congratulations! It sounds like you're doing fantastic work helping women truly appreciate who they are. Well done!

  24. Laura Hartley
    January 29, 2018 / 12:36 am

    Congratulations Laura, this is so very well deserved!!! That star will look fab displayed in your house – onwards to the next achievement!

  25. GlamGlitzGloss
    January 29, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    Bathroom for sure ha, congratulations lovely, what a great achievement, well done! Excited to see what the year ahead holds for you

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