Things You Need To Do When You Move Into A New House

So you’ve moved into a new house, you’ve spent the last few months making lists, packing and getting ready for the big move and now it’s finally happened…the fun has only just begun! The hard work isn’t over yet though as there’s still a lot more to do before you can crack open the champagne and start settling down in your new abode and here are the most important things you need to start getting on with.


Before you start unpacking or leaving boxes to gather dust, you need to check each moving box against your list to make sure that everything is there. If anything is missing, then you need to let the moving company you used, know straight away.


Before the move, you will hopefully have arranged to get the main house utilities connected, but if you haven’t, then you need to do it as soon as possible. The power and water companies are the first companies you need to call because everything will be a lot easier once you have electricity, gas and running water in your new house. There are questions you will need to have found the answers to such as, “what size combi boiler do I need?” This is something that you can calculate using a helpful guide and combi boiler size calculator. Then, having taken care of the basic utilities, you can then think about making the necessary arrangements to get the Internet, phone, and other essential services sorted.


The next step is to start unpacking your essentials boxes, which means that you can prepare the two most important rooms for normal use – the bedroom and bathroom. Moving days can be so exhausting, so you’ll definitely want to sort out your bedroom as soon as possible so that you can get a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next day and so that you have enough energy to get on with the rest of the unpacking. You’ll probably also feel very dirty after a long day moving so make sure you have your bathroom box at the ready so that you can get in there and take a nice hot shower with all your favourite toiletries and then wrap up in a clean towel. Once you’re sorted and ready to go, then the kitchen can be sorted the next day and everything else.


One of the first things you need to do after once you move into a new home is to get to know the place inside out. Inspect each and every room for any signs of damage, especially from water or fire. Check for any leaks, dripping taps and running toilets. Register the readings of your water meter at the start and end of a period of several hours when no water is used anywhere in the house as this will let you know if there are any leakages.

Once all the hard work is done, get to know your neighbours and start enjoying your new life in your new home.

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